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  1. Must be a question of "great minds" etc. because that

    If you have been affected by any of the issues in the programme then phone our helpline

    annoys the fuck out of me as well.


    It's the nanny state syndrome again.

    • I'm delighted to hear that.  I thought I might be the only one pissed off with these "softly softly" warnings and notices.

  2. they always warn us of possible sex or violence…but they never seem to show it! mamby pambys!

    • I never watch a film unless it promises nudity, sexual scenes, adult themes, violence and bad language.  I like a drop of realism.

      • If there is no no nudity, sexual scenes, adult themes, etc of sufficient depravity.   I hope that you take up the offer of ringing their helpline and say that you have been affected by the (lack of the) show's content.   I wonder what their their reply would be.


        • Or if for example the programme is about pornography, phone the number after and ask where I can get some … 😐

  3. They have to be conditioned to react in a certain way and when they get scared make sure the only place they can run to is the nanny state.

    I think it's in section 187, subsection 5 paragraph 56C of the Agenda 21 2013-14 enslavement handbook.

    • You could be onto something there?  Subliminally planting the idea of something upsetting, and then showing scenes of ordinary life? 

      • Well the weirdo's at the British Bullshit Consortium have now moved the public service show Jeremy Kyle to Salford and into the same studio building where Blue Peter (brain washing for kids) is located. As the  'audience' at the Jeremy Kyle show is one where 'be tooled up' is de rigeur the security theatre has moved in as well. End results any kids turning up to watch or take part in Blue Peter are being frisked for weapons… for their own good of course.


  4. I have notice that sitcoms, ours at least, have gotten really childish smutty. Mike & Molly, Big Bang Theory, Two & A Half Men, Anger Management et al. I find myself counting how many seconds or minutes it is into an episode before one of the characters says "penis" and they all giggle like 9 year old schoolboys. It's pathetic. I am gradually 'weinering' myself off them.

    • Sorry, tt.  Can't comment.  I abhor Merkan "comedy" as I find it too overacted, unfunny, clichéd and, well… unfunny.  The Simpsons is about the only exception.  All the ones you have listed are shown over here – avoid 'em like the plague.  They should have health warnings….

  5. And tonight's programme was brought to you by…… Dulcolax – when you just can't work it out!

    Media advertising/sponsorship is another aspect of modern TV that's killed it. There seems to be more of that than anything else these days.

    • Is that the laxative that "works while you sleep"?  Who the fuck wants a laxative that works while you sleep?  Do people like awakening in a pool of shit?

  6. We would like to warn you that viewers may find some scenes upsetting

    They probably mean women.

  7. The statements should apply for any news programme's on TV.

    They would warn us of the pain frustration and anger we could avoid by not watching the likes of the latest Euro Bank crisis.

    Most upsetting is the Cypriot situation. They get to burn the bond holders (rich and rich foreign investors) just because most of them are Russian while we get fucked over by (by our own arse licking treasonous politicians) The French and Germans. They took a punt in Ireland, lost and get their dosh back while the Cypriots get to tell their Russian Punters to fuck off.

    Lets hope the people of Meath East show the Political Gobshites what the rest of the country want to say.


    • Makes you wonder how we would have fared if our own politicians had had a pair of balls between the lolot of them?  How many times were we told tha it is impossible to "burn the bondholders"?

      And I'm afraid the choices on offer in Meath East wouldn't exactly inspire me to crack open any champagne.

  8. I used to enjoy being upset by the imbecile behaviour and attitudes of people who appeared on the Jerry Springer show some years back. 

    • I only caught glimpses of that programme in passing.  It was one hell of a weird show.  Made me wonder how much of it was staged?

  9. I always wonder about the poor saps on the other end of these so called "helplines". Are RTE really hiring psychologists to console people affected by these issues?


    I suspect, instead, it may be a spotty teenager on a summer job. Or worse: a spotty twenty-something on an internship.

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