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  1. I'd feel bad for you if it wasn't 8C Sunday and dropped to -14C with a windchill of -20C yesterday…and storm coming tonight may mean roads not open..and NO we're not used to that kind of weather in freakin' March!

    • It's all because the Polar Bears are melting, the sea levels are getting smaller and the ice-caps are rising.  Or something like that.

      • I blame the lobbiests and study show'rs..that much hot air and blather is messing stuff up!

  2. "It’s the middle of March and the fucking Global Warming is bucketing down."   haha.
    That global warming looks very pretty GD.. enjoy it.. it might be the last of it for a while. 

    Ever remember the summer of '76?  (the year I was born.. god I'm getting auld) 
    I was getting a taxi there the day after Valentine's and the taxi driver was telling me about his first love back in the summer of '76.. it was sweltering summer he said.  
    I don't think we've had a "sweltering summer" since have we?

    Aren't we headed towards another ice age too?   I think there's a lot of factors in the weather patterns that aren't studied in too much detail.. planet alignments.. stuff like that. Was reading about it recently.

    Although I do think humans have been detrimental to mother earth, and like fleas off a dog's back, she'll shake us off her one of the days.

    • You took a taxi on the day you were born?  Wow!  I'm impressed.

      I believe the answer to any change in the climate is simple – look to the Sun.  It has a thousand times more influence on climate than man will ever have.

  3. FFS It's not Global Warming it's Climate Change, you see the Global Warming shit didn't work out too well for them so they went with Climate Change instead. The last decent Summer we had was 1995 everyone since then has been mixed at best.

    • You have to admire the Climate Change Religion – it claims proof of its existence every time the weather changes.

  4. Wow! The Nor'easter were currently experiencing must be bigger than I thought. Stretches all the way from Vermont to Ireland it seems and I've been out twice now with the snow blower. At least you can still see the grass. I'd have to dig down a foot and a half to see mine.

    • Today, all the Global Warming has thawed.  Not a trace of it anywhere.  It's still bloody cold though.

  5. It's warming up in the polar regions with ice melting and polar bears migrating. A few other regions are warming up; but other regions are cooling down, and Wicklow could be one area targeted for divine vengeance. Better get the moving statues on the job Grandad. And the mobile snack vans to cater for the hungry prayerful crowds.

  6. Wednesday. I bet after your post last week you get a bunch of folks asking if you are OK today.

  7.    As a child, many many moons ago, my father nearly always took me and my many siblings to the St. Patrick's Day parade. My clearest memory of it, was every single year without fail I was freezing cold and the hail stones cut into my legs and face. Happy memories not!

       I think this winter feels particularly long because last summer was so poxy.

      What you need GD is a break in the sun. Majorca, Morocco, Tunisia…..You'd enjoy it and it would give you plenty to rant about!

      Here's to some sunshine!

    • Heh!  I remember a few of those freezing parades myself.  A few years ago, some of the participants had to be treated after for frostbite.

      As for a holiday – I could fancy a drop of sunshine all right.  Maybe?  I think North Africa is a little far for the dog though.  And anyway I would probably come back to a massive hole in the ground as the gubmint has confiscated my house….

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