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  1. "The sooner there is an uprising against this madness, the better".

    Agreed. But can you see it happening? Much moaning and groaning and hand wringing but actually doing anything – I think not. Sheeple is indeed the correct description.


    And is is indeed straight forward robbery and yet the Irish gubmit applaudes it:

    The fucklishness is unbelievable.

    • There are a lot of very unhappy people in Europe at the moment, and they are getting unhappier by the day.   Sooner or later there will be a flareup.

      As for Dame Enda backing the cash grab bailout, did he have a choice?  He gets his orders from On High like the rest of 'em.

  2. I had hoped to see western civilization under go a nice long gradual decent letting me live out my remaining years in peace. Instead it looks there will be a violent end to it. I wonder what will be left after world wide civil war. 

    • There is no doubt that Western Civilisation has gone to the dogs.  I really feel for the new generations who have it all ahead of them.  Unless there is a some kind of cultural revolution, our grandkids are not going to have an easy time of it.

      • Aha, don't insult dogs by saying western civilization has gone to the dogs. Just say it has gone down the sewers. You can't insult sewers. Dogs have a sense of cleanliness and dignity; sewers don't try to be anything but sewers.

  3. Russian money is what The Cypriots will have to pay off, backed by The EU. Fucking Insanity.

    I've said it before GD. 2016 Easter Sunday at The GPO. Reboot the System time. Who's in?

    • I'm in!  The only problem is who we fight?  Burning down the Rechstag Dáil would be an excellent start, and maybe a few corpses twisting on the piano wire, but do we make a completely fresh start?  No more Fianna Fáil, Labour or Fine Gael?  Completely rewrite the electoral book?

      • Just thinking further about all this….Ireland's experience of all this is just an EU Experiment. A small country like us is ideal for the testing of ideas that can, if considered successful, be transposed to bigger countries to control and enslave them.

        Cyprus is just another small economy where another experiment can be applied for a similar use. The more 'experiment's' The EU have going on will ensure that at least one will achieve successfully their aims. We won't benefit thought, we're not German.

        I think you're idea, rewriting the electoral book and a new political system of the people for the people is what Ireland badly needs.

        See you on Easter 2016, bring friends.

    • My Mayoman and I have been plotting our permanent return to the Ould Sod for the centennial … sounds like the kind of party we'd be sure not to miss.  Count us in.

  4. The reason for the 10% levy is that busloads of rich Russians have been using Cyprus as a spot to keep their money away from their Gubmint. If they were all to pull out the banking system would collapse. This is why the levy is lower for balances smaller than 100k. Its the big fish they're after. Small savers are collateral in this case but without these penalties, all their money would be gone. So you can take a 6% hit or lose everything. I know what i'd prefer.

    • No matter if it's Attila the Hun or some some small Cypriot business, it's still theft.  Tax has presumably already been paid on those savings.  The Russian connection is just a blind to excuse this wholesale bank robbery. 

      And frankly I find the use of the term "collateral damage" to describe the theft of someone's life saving a bit of a gratuitous insult.

  5. If we think (and thinking citizens can be eyed suspiciously by Them) that They may be getting ready to snatch 10 – 12.5% of our savings too, isn't it time for us to withdraw our savings from the banks now and stash the money under mattresses?

    But mattresses can get itchy with all the cash stashed inside them – and house burglars can get itchy too. So any suggestions for other, safer and less conventional, places to hide away our hard-earned savings? Places where They won't think of looking.

      • Double-barreled rifles made of platinum and buckshot pellets made of poisonous lead? Should beat inflation.

  6. Surely the European Union is the latest manifestation of the old Hitler/Napoleon delusion of European domination we are up against, not the banks. The banks are victims too and being manipulated as weapons of mass destruction!

    • I think it's a case of the banks and the politicians working together in a symbiotic relationship.  Both benefit – the banks get an almost endless supply of cash and the politicians  [in particular the Germans] get their European domination.  One thing I cannot see it the banks as victims!

      • The bankers have been powdering their noses with cocaine lovingly supplied by their manipulators to make them rash and we all know whose goal it was/is to destroy capitalism!

  7. Ger.  I will be more than happy to relieve you of your burden. I can keep your money safe for you.

    • What sort of mattress do you sleep on? Is it inflammable and do you smoke in bed? Do you sleep on a waterbed, by any chance? My local grocer refuses to accept damp banknotes.

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