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  1. Speaking separately with two public servants recently on the issue of swipe card recording arrival time, it is not unknown for some to swipe card and then drop child to creche or start having breakfast at a worktable and discuss the match or whatever from the night before. Fifteen or twenty minutes could pass before an item of work is executed.

    Since any shortfall in hours/minutes worked is noted and may be brought to a meeting, there is a resentment in some now to work any additional hours which would have been worked to get the job done previously.

    I think it is akin to nut and sledgehammer. Yes there were some who were abusing the system but to be seen to be fair, someone decided to enforce the swipe on all. It was probably perceived to be above board and same to all.

    If management were able to manage their staff and take any abusers of the time system to task, then those who had willingly worked additional time to ensure task was completed would still provide those additional minutes to the organisation.

    A Lose-Lose situation

    As for the other item of hate, there is graffiti written on Cork to Waterford road on a wall at the Little Island exit that appears to have been written with you in mind:

    Don't complain about the traffic when you are the traffic

    • Yup!  They introduced swipe-cards too.  I suppose there was a reason as security needed to be tight [national broadcaster and all that crap].  We were suspicious that the cards were being used to monitor our movements so I devised a wee scam.  There were two entrances to the upstairs TV Building – the main door required a swipe card but there was another little-used door through the News Room.  I used to go in one door and out the other, so I would have ben recorded as having entered the TV Building several times, but never leaving.  Heh!

      As for the traffic – I'm not blaming the other cars so much as an appalling system of lghts where you have to stop on a red light every couple of hundred yards.  During the rush hour it could take fifteen minutes just to get through a mile or so of lights.

      • They never got the traffic lights synchronized on the way into town.

        I used to work in Adelaide road for a few years and I hated the commute.

  2. There will be a meeting tomorrow at 0845 to decide on the framework to use to determining the scheduling of the meeting to discuss the issue. 

  3. I had the exact same experience. Started with a great Company – the sales team brought home the bacon in spades and we were called the “Assets”. As the big money continued to pour in, sales targets were blown and the Company grew, the fancy accountants were hired. I remember visiting customers on Sundays as well as every other day, but when the accountants wanted me to clock in at 9.00am, I stopped turning up at 7.30am instead. At 5.30pm used to set out my work for the evening as an asset, but as a “Cost Centre”, I fucked off bang on 5.30pm.

    When the cost centres as changed to “Human Resources” as opposed to “Physical Resources” such as desks and chairs, I resigned, and was soon back into another outfit that saw me as an asset. Funny though, it was great to get back to real asset work with the satisfaction of getting the job done and the pride in doing it well.

    SNAP !

    • One of the main problems with the modern world is the proliferation of accountants and bureaucrats.  There are far too many chiefs for the number of indians in the workplace.  Just look at the likes of the HSE, or indeed any Civil Services office.  They tend to see the world in terms of spreadsheets and pie-charts and haven't a fucking clue how things actually work.

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