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    Go and have a butchers at this guys videos. I find them refreshing and revealing especially his views on the sun, HARRP, what really happened to the inventor of television but most of all pay close attention to how much this man laughs and smiles. He lives in his car in the Mojave desert because the loonies who crave to control people by paying for stuff with bits of worthless paper destroy every attempt he makes to understand electricty and pass that knowledge to each one of us.

    In other news

    Theft taking place in Cyprus could it happen in Ireland?

    • Good grief!  There is a lot of reading to be done there…..   😐

      As for Cyprus, I'm just surprised the EU hasn't moved in to clean out everyone's bank accounts.  It's what they would love to do.

      • What makes you think they are not cleaning out your bank account? It's just that QE, rising taxes, eco-charges, import duties etc are more subtle and difficult to detect.

        • I know damn well they are doing their best to clear me out.  Virtually every Euro that comes in or out of this house is skimmed for a bit of gubmint cash.

  2. Political parties don't run the show. Financiers-capitalists-multi nationals run the show. Once the show is run, different political parties get a say in how what remains gets divided up. So you vote for the party that best suits your class level/economic interest. It really is that simple.

    • There used to be a time when Fianna Fáil [broadly] looked after agriculture, Fine Gael the business sector and Labour the working man.  There is now no difference whatsoever between them.  You could take one party's manifesto and print it under another's headed paper and no one would notice.

      Before the last election, Labour was the only party that showed a trace of individuality, and made all sorts of promises to protect the weak and the vulnerable.  As soon as they set their arses on the seat of power, they scrapped every single promise.

  3. GD you need a Irish UKIP party.

    A bit of advice though, if I was you I'd clear your bank account(s) and put the money under your mattress 🙂

  4. I once did a Negative Preference exercise in an Irish election. There were about ten candidates for four seats in the constituency where I resided. So I gave my Number 1 preference to the candidate who I thought would get the least number of votes. My guess was right and his second preference votes went to the surviving candidates after the first count. Sure enough my second preference vote went to the candidate who came bottom on the second count. And so on. I had skilfully given my 3rd and 4rth preference votes to the candidates I'd reckoned would be eliminated on succeeding counts – and they were. My fifth and final preference vote went to a candidate who survived to the final count but came several hundred votes behind  a candidate who filled the fourth seat failing to reach the quota. I recommend my descending-order-of-nonesteem (DOON) method of voting, under our excellent multi-seat transferable voting system. If you get your hunches right and your mathematics right you can fulful your civic duty to cast a vote and tell the lot of them that you don't like what they really stand for. Or you could consider the chinese voting system…but they believe in 100 per cent mathematical exactitude, something we're a bit allergic to in Ireland.

    • Heh!  I have been doing that for years.  Unless there is a particular Independent I would like to see get in, I always vote in reverse order.  That way my vote is valid but is unlikely to be of any use whatsoever.

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