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      • Didn’t like it myself at first fiddled with the settings a bit and it was grand. Also all my folders and unread items synced seamlessly. Let’s hope they relent and leave reader alone or alternatively add reader as a option on G+.

  1. "What fucking twat decided to dump Google Reader?".  Some cabal of spotty little hackers at Google in all probability.  How I wish they'd discover the joys of masturbation and leave us grown-ups in peace…

    • I think they may already discovered the joys.  I'm sure I have seen a few references lately to the opinion that they are a shower of wankers.

  2. As much as The Old Reader are the ideal replacement given the look and feel of the site, I've gone to feedly because they seem to be working off the bat, and have decent Chrome and Google account integration.

    • Feedly certainly works, but in my book it is merely a workable alternative and wouldn't be my reader of choice.  If Google disappeared tomorrow, I could work with Feedly but I am still more interested in Old Reader.  [I'm up to 8,480 now!]

  3. Found a good yoke (as you might call it) for this problem. It's called Feedly. here's the link:

    Head to the site, install the extension into Firefox or Chrome/Chromium by clicking the button. Once done, log into Feedly with your Google credentials, hopefully the one with all those Reader feeds you mentioned otherwise it won't work very well, and you're done. All your Google Reader feeds will be there and when Reader goes away in July, your feeds will already be in Feedly's server (server's called Normandy for some reason).

    After that, every page you visit that has a feed there will be a semi transparent glyph at the bottom right of the website page you're viewing. Clicking on that will allow you add that feed into account. I've already tried it and it works quite well. It's a bit different layout than Google Reader but I consider it an improvement (Let's face it, Reader's layout sucked). You can change the layout of how a given feed is presented as well.

    • Heh!  You missed the comment above where I said I had already installed it!

      I have been playing around with it and there is no doubt that it works, but I can see myself having a lot of trouble getting used to it.

      In the meantime I am now down to 2,032 in the queue for Old Reader which means I should be able to evaluate it in the next 24 hours or so, provided there are no more queue jumpers…

      • Yeah, I missed it. Not surprised considering what was going on yesterday. Now to look into Old Reader.

  4. I have a brilliant suggestion GD.. wait for it.


    Stop reading the bloggers.. bunch of arseholes anyways. Besides you GD and Bock – love him altogether. I have a secret crush on him. What can I say I like um cranky.  🙂

    Came across this recently .. thought you might like it.
    Charlie Sheen doing a piss take of his original 'winning' interview.

    The bit where he's doing a piss take on dying from smoking is kinda hilarious..

    • Nah!  I like my daily fix from around the world.  I have weeded out the arseholes and the bunch that remain are a fairly decent read.

      Is Bock aware of your passions?  Do you want me to introduce the pair of you?  After all, you are only just down the road from him?

    • Anne – Now I'm hurt. I really am. You commented on my old blog and everything and now I know you were just leading me on. Well, never mind then. I'm actually pretty much an old arsehole as you say, and rather cranky at that. A bit insane as well but the pills are helping…really…they are. Just don't come around during the last week of month as that 30 day injection they give me is wearing off by then.

  5. Passions is a little premature at this stage GD… but there will be plenty of that.. all in good time.  Resistance is futile as they say.
    But yeah, he's aware, I asked him out for coffee and he threatened to ban me for it.. again.  ha.

    Wondering, is your blog roll links there the list of stuff you really read or is that a bit of brown nosing that has to be done?
    I wouldn't mind reading a few more good ones if you would recommend some… especially any cheery ones.   Just to balance things out.  🙂

    • Most of the sites I read are on my Links Page, and vice versa.  Without a reader I would have to visit each site in turn to see whether they had updated or not.  Major arse pain.

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