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  1. Well it does not affect me either but, looking at those picture in your link, they would horrify me if put on cigarette packets. They are really not nice and could possibly have a very detrimental effect on young children if someone brings packets with those pictures into the house. And I don't mean put them off cigarettes but definitely frighten them. I remember some years ago a young toddler screaming his head off when he observed some of those anti-abortion cunts posters outside Trinity.

    What gives the minister the right to put these horrific pictures on a product to be sold to the public?

    • The ose pictures are pure Ant-smoker Porn.  I find them quite amusing as the majority  are just images of what the Righteous would like to see happen to smokers.  I'm going to start a collection!

  2. It's like at the dentist. Before and after pictures on the wall of people's before and after teeth. Who wants to sit in the waiting room looking at photos of rotten, brown misshapen teeth? (Smokers and crack addicts sans doubt. Then he put a slide show on a TV screen. Same shite. That was the last straw. I told him to get rid of it all. He did.

    • " That was the last straw. I told him to get rid of it all. He did." 
      You must be pretty persuasive tt.    🙂  

      They'll be uproar over this GD… a lot of smokers smoke the menthol fags.
      Another thing, I find that fat fucker O'Reilly dictating to me about health a bit of a joke.  He looks like a candidate for diabetes or heart disease.  How much are those diseases costing the state?  The fat fucker.
      Never mind how much he's costing us in terms of his salary, expenses and pension.

      (My language is terrible. Apologies to your PC, polite,  yank sycophants.)


      • Will there be uproar tough?  Most Irish seem to just mutter up their sleeves and carry on. 

        I couldn't agree more about Reilly.  He's a bully, a hypocrite and an overall arch-cunt.  No need to apologise to anyone. 

      • No apologizes necessary, Anne, as I'm not one (PC, polite, yank sycophant). As far as those PC, polite, yank sycophants are concerned they can damn well stay away from me. I do practice something they used to call "common courtesy" though.

        They tried doing the same thing over here for all types of cigarettes with images of the gross examples, etc and so forth. It didn't least long, in fact I don't believe it ever went into practice at all. And those types of images do not belong in any kind of medical facility or private practice.


        • Just kidding with the PC, yank sycophant talk Kirk.
          I'm also pretty courteous in real life, but a bit bould online at times. It's the yin/yang thing.. you have to balance things out. 🙂

  3. Gd. how about putting the cat among the pigeons and run a tobacco ad among your banners. A nice cigarette ad would work woinders for us all.

    I reckon there's a huge untapped pot of money out there waiting to be ladled and who knows – you might be ahead of the legislation on this. Go for it. Show us you care.

    (10% of all proceeds may be forwarded to me direct at my overseas account. Details on request).

    • I would be quite happy to carry advertising for tobacco, but I ain't doing it gratis!  I presujme the ban on advertising covers the Interweb and that factor alone would be enough to make me want to carry ads.


    • I was afraid of that.  Nothing I can do about that apart from warning people that Nicotine Patches, Gum and Inhalers have an appalling success rate – something like 1%?

      • The whole point of patches and gum is like statins is not to "cure" but to keep the customer buying them (as I'm sure you Know).

        Thanks for one of the best blogs by the way.

        • Welcome Mad Mags!  When you examine the details, the whole exercise is not about health or even getting people to quit – it is purely and solely to get people onto using the pharma products.

          Oh!  And thanks!  😉

  4. I think the time has come to forget about Ireland and never set foot in the country again. You do great work GD exposing all these gobshites but only the last few days I read a few things that done it for me. First while thousands of Irish young people are leaving the country because they cant get jobs I read that over 50% on new intakes into the police are foreigners like Arabs Nigerians ect what the hells going on? Then in the last few days in Irish newspapers 'Martyrs of Louth and Meath' when people given refuge in Ireland were in Syria doing Al-Qaeda work. How could an Irish newspaper print something like this as if it was a great thing to go to another country an kill people. This is not my country anymore soon they can stick their Irish passport when the sun don't shine.



    • Ah yes, expect other countries to accept the Irish in droves, but lets keep the few foreigners out at home.. I think those articles you're reading are intended to promote xenophobia Peacock.

      I hope they're nice to you where you are anyways.

      • C'mon now, Anne.  The only time this country welcomes foreigners [or ex-pats] is to fleece them for every cent they have and then send 'em packing again.

        • Yeah, I agree GD. We don't want those 'foreigners' taking our jobs, but we'll take theirs no bother.  Give out to that Peacock fella there, not me.

          • Why give out to Peacock?  He is spot on.  People are leaving in droves because there are no jobs, and foreigners are arriving to be greeted with the same lack of jobs.  What happens to those foreigners?  Do they leave again?  Hah!

            • This is horseshit – "50% on new intakes into the police are foreigners like Arabs Nigerians "  
              And the other bit about any Syrian refugees once being in Al-Qaeda  is horseshit.
              I don't need the links to know it's horseshit.

              Cop yerselves on.

              With the mass emigration out of this country, I think we should be expected to take in some immigrants.  And it's no picnic being a refugee in this country.. they want to work. They're hoarded up together in centres up the country. Not living in the best of conditions – communal toilets, no facilities. Here, trying to make a better life for themselves and this is the horseshit attitude of the locals they have to put up with.


              • Brilliant Anne. Well said. Am sick of the fekin hypocrisy. Both my parents left Ireland and moved to the UK where they met and married. Growing up we faced much shit and were accused of all sorts because of their origin. I now hear the same fucking shit from extended family and it does my head in. The whole fucking immigration Pish is designed to distract us and keep us fighting among ourselves while the parasites in government fleece us. Unite and tell them to fuck off!

      • Anne – Completely off topic here, you really need to have your own blog called "Don't Gots None". I keep clicking on your name hoping you've started one and the disappointment is really starting to get to me. I'm sure Grandad (and myself as well) will be glad to help you with this. We won't even charge much.

          • Oh jesus, don't be giving me ideas.. If I do, I'd have to change it to 'Got's One'  🙂

            I'd probably only get myself in trouble though.. what do they call it ?  Dooced?
            I'd be dooced, and goosed in a matter of days.. work with too many cunts. I'm in enough trouble as it is for taking the piss.  Was overheard today saying "oh look at dumb and dumber (2 bosses) staring at the computer, it might as well be the wall"    Thick cunts. 

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