Cleaning the pipes — 16 Comments

  1. Tip: You can always tell a good Indian Restaurant if they keep their bog rolls in the fridge!

  2. i think i'll try that recipe out…maybe a welcome home dindin for my fella on thursday…

      • Knock the mud off? But that's the best part. Nothing like a bit of grit to take care of the non-digestible pieces.

  3. Gd. how about putting the cat among the pigeons and run a tobacco ad among your banners. A nice cigarette ad would work woinders for us all.

    I reckon there's a huge untapped pot of money out there waiting to be ladled and who knows – you might be ahead of the legislation on this. Go for it. Show us you care.

    (10% of all proceeds may be forwarded to me direct at my overseas account. Details on request).

  4. It's freezing over here in Devon, so I've decided to try the stew.

    Packet oxtail soup, you say. It'll take seven packets to make 2.5 pints of full strength soup. Is that right or do I dilute? I don't want to blow my socks off….or finish up with some insipid pap.

    • Welcome Sam!  Add as many packets as you like.  But if you really want to blow your socks off, try using 2.5 pints of whiskey instead of water.  Make sure not to boil too vigorously though – it might explode.

      • Thanks.

        The whisky (sorry) recipe sounds a blast. It'll be good cold – minus all the veg!

        • If you like your whisky without an E then that's your loss.  That stuff is for wimps.

  5. Just found your blog… it, can't stop laughing, just what I needed. Big thanks

    • Thanks, Terri and welcome! One does one's best to throw a little chuckle into this mad world we live in!

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