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  1. Just asked a 'power company' what gives them the right to add on an 11% government social surcharge (Farking TAX) to their bills and then charge 5% VAT (Farking TAX) on the surcharge and when did I agree I would pay such crap.

    You'd think they would already have an answer sorted but no it is going to take them 10 days to invesitgate and get back to me. No matter I've just paid the last round of chargings net of the 11% TAX and the little extra bit of VAT they added to the surcharge.

    The very least we can all do is bug the bastards with questions and as our balls descend to their correct position we can relearn the gentle aret of NO and inform the wankers at every opportunity Their Government Is No Longer Affordable.

    • I agree.  If they can fuck us around, it is only right and proper that we should fuck them around.  I consider it my civic duty!

      • Update from the power company.
        Turns out they didn't quote one single piece of legislation at me to justify the governments social surcharge it imposes on the power company's bills. Therefore the surcharge is either paid voluntarily by the daft customers or it is illegal either way it is definitely unlawful.

        The company human doing the answers totally ignored the charging of VAT on the surcharge question.

        So in conclusion

        The social surcharge is either voluntary or illegal so unless the customer is so inclined there is no need to pay it.

        The company is clearly wrong in charging VAT on the surcharge.

        So from here on in every gas and electric bill they send will be recalculated by me to remove the 11% surcharge and extra VAT and then paid.

  2. Most of the EU countries have property taxes. You are in the EU. Therefore you should have a property tax.  It's quite obvious that all EU countries are converging in all taxes and regulation.

    • I don't go along with that argument even though people love trotting it out.  I could equally argue that Ireland doesn't have a property tax therefore the rest of Europe shouldn't either, or that France and Spain have hot summers so we are entitled to them too.  Why should we all follow the lemmings off the cliff?

      • 'You are in the EU. Therefore you should have a property tax' Sorry Woodsy, this is ridiculous. Time was when parliament could only raise taxes after debate and votes by the elected MP's. Nowadays, the fucking taxes pop up from nowhere, dumped on us from Brussels. This shit has to stop, there is real trouble ahead….

        • I was being sarcastic you know Harry!

          Obviously your lot saw property taxes and thought what a bright idea for more taxes at home.

          • Jesus, woodsy. Being sarcastic??!!

            …at least give us a clue when you try that game.

            Was this your first time ? was it as good for you as it was for us ? 


  3. Well there was a dail vote on it and the shower of cunts voted it in.. so they add it to the finance bill and there you go.

    Something like 25% of mortgages are in arrears.
    How the hell are people expected to pay this then?


  4. No leafleteering in Belfast unless you get a £75 permit from the council. Per day. Unless you are a political party or God Squad, then it’s free.

    • Well if that is the case have some fun. Create a leaflet about any company, individual, government department you do not like and produce say a 1000 if whatever size and leaflet government buildings, banks churches and charity shops (or use your imagination). Stick a false name on the bottom or even better a real name… of  a banker or a civil servant just for the hell of it. Better yet pay some chav kids to fly post them around on empty shop windows. There must be  couple in Belfast

  5. Telling people 'it's the law' is not about defending measures, it's about cowing people into submission. Putting fear of arrest and imprisonment into the hearts of people who are being subject to unjust charges. The next scam is the Broadcasting Charge, because so many people have dumped their tellies, minister Pat Rabbidde is going to subject EVERY household to the new tax

  6. GD, The majority of Citizens voted the last Fianna Fail Gubmint in for a third time to complete their 'Fuck The Country up Mission'. The other shower screamed the protests of the populace and eventually we the People came to love Enda, Eamon and their croanies and believed all the shite they spewed. We then elected them to a lofty position in such numbers that they could no longer be accountable to us leaving them free to use their voting numbers to do whatever they like.

    We voted in Democratic elections for a virtual Dictatorship controlled by The EU/Germany.

    We got what we voted for, because we were too bloody stupid to believe all the lies we were being told.

    We are no longer a Society (where people matter), we are an Economy (where numbers matter).

    There's always 2016!

  7. "There is a regular advertisement on radio, for example that tells us about how we have to pay our television licences and they end their slot by ominously stating “it’s the law”.

    But it's NOT the law, and I've been proving that since 2006. Capita will never get another penny from me.


  8. Didn't Ireland used to have a property tax? I am sure I remember a lot of publicity when it was stopped. Our tax doubled from 1997 – 2010 and it is now becoming a mortgage you can never redeem. The current lot have frozen it but who knows how long that will last. Gas and electricity has doubled too helped by all this green nonsense, where will it end?

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