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  1. I could be in there back-stabbing, blackmailing and bribing along with the rest of them.

    Don't forget the buggery of alter boys as well!!

  2. A very good thing indeed that you never got shanghaied by Catholic church when you were young and impressionable (if you actually were young and impressionable). Otherwise you would have missed a lifetime of having a fine woman like Herself by your side.

  3. I'm just wondering GD, how do you know you never looked good in a dress?

    You don't say you're sure you wouldn't look good in a dress.. hmmm.

  4. I'm not normally one for pimping my site ( I actually pay a couple of 10 year olds to do that ), but your post is a bit of serendipity I can't pass up.

    As you know the Clod of Cardinals is even now attempting to select a new Pope. Well, not to put too fine a point on it, they're having the Devil's own time doing so. Infighting, back-stabbing, arguments over who wore which stole last, you name it. The long and short of it is they're soliciting nominations. But ONLY from devout, practicing Catholics. They have a couple of numbers their followers can call with their nominations and I've posted them here. Again, ONLY devout practicing Catholics should call.

    As a final note, it seems to me I've seen you, Grandad, in a dress. At one of those Irish Blog awards. 2-3 years back was it? While not perhaps your finest effort, I've seen far uglier at closing time.

    No – I'm NOT going to explain that.

    • Just out of interest, I wonder how they are supposed to know the callers are practicing?  Is there some kind of test?  Did they give out a secret password at mass last Sunday?

      And those fucking numbers are engaged all the time………..

      Regarding your final note – it could have been the year I nearly won the Rose of Tralee thingy?


      • I wonder how they are supposed to know the callers are practicing?

        They bottled some Pope Essence and dabbed the receiving phones with it; as the Pope is infallible, the phones heat up with the Devil's Breath when a non-practicing Catholic calls and the line is quickly disconnected.

        Uh…and a piece of advice? DO NOT call those numbers if you are not a practicing Catholic; a special Hell awaits those individuals anyway, you don't want to be needlessly added.

        RE Rose of Tralee: rings a bell. Wearing you wearing red that night?

  5. On the first morning of your papacy Grandad, what substance would you put into your pipe in order to give the tobacco smoke a white colour?  Habemus Grandpapam would be the camerlengo's triumphant call from St. Peter's balcony, of course. What would herself be called?

  6. My young brother-in-law in Dublin went to be a priest, this was back in the 60's and I think he was only 14 or so. However on his first visit home he managed to get a girl pregnant and that was the end of that, I don't think his mother ever forgave him.

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