The Diary of Grandad Pepys — 33 Comments

  1. I have never understood why people keep diaries. Always baffled me. Unless you are, for example, Winston Churchill or a 13 year old girl. I would, however, like to know. So let me ask you GD . Why did you do it? What was the purpose?

    • A good question, and I'm not quite sure I know the answer.  It did come in very handy for settling arguments over when bills were paid or when we did something particular.  For a while, it was interesting looking back on what I was doing on any particular day.  Even now if I bothered to read any entries, the chances are I would remember far more about that day than just what was written.  Apart from that, I suppose it just became a habit.

    • tt, why only someone like Churchill? 
      We're all interesting in our own way.

      Anyways Churchill could have bored the knickers off anyone just as much as the next.

      I hope you keep going GD.. (and apols about my last comment.. was a bit on the harsh side I think)

      • Maybe tt assumes everyone's life is as dull as his own? 

        And what's this about your last comment?  D'ya think I'm thin-skinned or wha?  Stop apologising.

        • Well, you're not a cunt GD.. there's plenty out there who deserve my wrath. But we'll leave you off the hook.  🙂 

          That other fella commenting  – BD, you on the other hand give off the impressions of being a total dog who deserves to be put on a leash.

  2. Why do you do it?……Maybe its better than going to the boozer and getting pissed, having the craic with the lads, chasing wimmen, having the craic with them, wearing the beer goggles, eating crap food from the chipper, going for long walks and smelling the fresh sweet air before a few scoops on the way home. Reading the papers on the throne, trolling gobshites on the interweb……….maybe missed something GD? heh!

  3. Kept a diary until I was married.  Gave it up when I realised it would be too easy to find out what I'd been up to.  It's our anniversary – 44 years – so it must have been the right decision.  And I thought I would just get off with a caution.

    • I was safe there – no one can read my writing, least of all Herself.  Congratulations on your perseverance, by the way.  They really out to give out medals for longevity?

      • Sorry, no medals.  Just an ability to say "yes dear" whenever appropriate.   And my writing has deteriorated in proportion to my use of a computer, so I could not now be in any danger.  Just get Herself to write every document where legibility is important.

  4. The only diary I keep is about the garden.  No interest at all to anyone else but it does remind me when I planted the vegetables last year.  I'm still trying to work out the best times to plant, the weather  here being a bit different to England.   The first year I was too late with everything!!

  5. Well I sincerely hope that you will continue for a long time.

    I would really miss your daily musings.


    So, please keep it up (as well) not like those lazy swine of waiter and major type people!!!!

  6. "tt, why only someone like Churchill? 
    We're all interesting in our own way."

    Yeah, right. When did you escape from the Boers/bores Anne ?

  7. Dear Anne,

    Thanks for the apology.  Yes, I was wild in the early Sixties and have had to behave since then.  But I'm totally over that now.  Fancy meeting up for a little fun?

    GD: have you become a dating website?

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