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  1. Grandad said:

    Is there anyone left out there insane keen enough to get involved in this “blogging” lark?

    Grandad did not say:

    Is there anyone left out there insane keen enough to get involved in this “blogging” lark, and pay for guidance?

    To the first, probably. To the second, probably not too many

    • Welcome, MM!  At least you are proof that there are people still entering the fray?

      I'm still only tinkering with the idea, but the additional cost [if any] would surely be worth it?  I would be talking about a competitive price but with the added bonus of built in support.

  2. It's a great idea.  He can do the technical work and you can deal with the clients.  You know exactly what to say to the clients when they ring out of hours?

    Best of luck to both of you.

    • I would see my charming personality adding a great deal to the enterprise.  As you say – he can deal with the computery stuff and I will deal with the suckers punters twats clients.  No phone calls though.  All contact by email. 😀

  3. To be honest, it's something that would interest me, although not at this precise moment in time, as there aren't enough hours in the day at the mo. I already bought the domain name a few years ago, with a view to starting a blog at some point, but using my own site rather than piggybacking on wordpress (which seems to be the best blog software, although I'm an ignoramus in this stuff). When the time comes that I have the time and the inclination, I will be looking for some expertise that I don't possess and frankly, don't want to devote my time to learning. If it cost me a few hundred quid / euros to get the thing sorted, I'd be happy to pay. That's what experts are for. There must be many out there like me, so yes, I'd say it's a good idea. Go for it, GD, and when the time comes, you'll be my first port of call. 🙂

    • That's precisely the kind of jobby I am talking about.  My idea is that I/we set up the server and install all the software and generally do all the fiddley bits, leaving you to just sit back and write.  No need for you to have to learn anything about WordPress apart from where to go to write a post.   What's more, you don't need to worry about security or updates or anything – all part of the service.   The idea is still in its infancy but I will set up a site explaining in more detail what's involved and why.  Watch this space.

  4. Sounds like a good idea to me (not that I have the foggiest idea what's involved) I'm sure there are potential bloggers out there who would think seriously about it with full support from the pair of you.

    When nisakiman starts up his blog I'll be the first to read it.

    • And that is precisely the point.  People generally don't know what's involved but we do.  Setting up a server to receive a blog can be a bit baffling to a newcomer.  A lot of hosting companies do give a "one-click" install but there are problems with those – they tend to install with a load of default values which leaves them vulnerable to hacking.  Wouldn't it be a whole lot easier just to pass on the entire headache to someone who has years of experience?

  5. Why ask?
    Just go for it what have you got to lose?

    For myself I am already doing everything you are offering myself so sadly I couldn't contribute to the Keeping Grandad's Lifestyle Afloat campaign,

    • So you are well up on the fun and games side?!  If you have a site, why don't you link to it in your comments?

  6. Hah! I did that for a number of years. I didn't intend to get into that kind of thing but it just sort of happened. It just sort of ended like it started although I didn't complain about it. You'd be very good at this, GD, I'm certain of it. I do have one word for you though that you might want to seriously consider before getting into this…


    There's bound to be more than one?

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