A dog named Pistorius — 18 Comments

  1. I suspect that yes, indeed that is exactly what she is doing.

    Just be warned though, don't let her get a boyfriend. It might all end in tears. Or in court!!

    • Any boyfriend will be sorely disappointed. All the relevant equipment has been removed.  Far more likely then that she would be the victim!

    • I have a deep suspicion that you could be right.  She'll have met her match here though.  😈

  2. Previous owner was gullible?

    I once had an old tom cat who had sprained his front left leg pretty badly. He was was a smart old bugger and quickly picked up the fact that my first wife would always give him extra treats if he sat down, held up his admitted painful left front leg and threw a pitiful look on his face. 3 months later this tactic was getting a bit old but so was he and I gave him the benefit of the doubt that things hadn't healed quite right and were still hurting now and then. Until the day I caught him lifting the wrong front leg. I pointed my finger at him and said, "Hah! That's the wrong leg!". He gave me a disgusted look and never tried that again.

    • I have been checking and it is always the same leg – nearside rear, to coin a motoring term.  I'm just waiting for her to switch legs.  Unfortunately I think she is watching me watching her and is damned careful to always use the same leg.

  3. Have an old friend who once owned a stray dog which walked normally around the house, but ran incredibly quickly on three legs when outside.  Complete strangers would stop to pet him.  Looking for a better home?

  4. My elderly mutt pulls a similar trick when feeling too lazy for a decent walk. Every time we're approaching a short-cut home, out comes the limp.

    On the rare occasion that I take pity on the furry fraud, the limp has been replaced by a brisk trot within ten yards.

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