Life through gross tinted glasses — 11 Comments

  1. You really don't spend much time on facebook do you. People seem to be compelled to share where they are, what they are eating, what movie they just saw, who they are sleeping with, who they just broke up with, the surgical procedure they just had, in short every minute detail of their boring lives.

    • Indeed I avoid Facebook and Twitter for that very reason.

      "I am now watching Eastenders"  Big deal, you boring little twat.

      What worries me is that so many people seem to be hooked up into this inane shallow world.  Do all those hundreds of thousands of years of evolution really lead to this?


      • Too right GD.  I never have and never will even look at Facebook or Twitter.  They are a serious waste of cyberspace with no purpose other than personal self-agrandisement.  What's wrong with actually meeting people and talking to them?

    • Damn!  Now I'm going to have to worry the the pilot of my next flight could be watching Busty Bertha's Bedtime Antics when he should be landing the plane?

  2. Loada Shite…..gimme Beer Goggles any day. They make everything look great, even herself and they don't cost that much.

    • There is the one great consolation that half these "glass" wearers will neatly cull themselves by stepping under busses?  Darwin wins again.

  3. As for me, I gave up on fucking facebook and never did tweet.  What's the point?  I am about ready to trash this whole interweb thing and go for a bike ride or walk.  You're my last hope, GD.

  4. There was news report I read some time ago about a blind man who was wearing an experimental apparatus that allowed him to "see" shapes and shadows of different light intensities (worn like glasses) that got punched in the face by some guy who thought he was wearing those new things called Google Glasses and was "taking pictures of him". Now why do I think that isn't going to be some isolated incident?

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