Apathy — 13 Comments

    • A hangover would have been nice, but no – no aftermath of the debauchery.

      Actually I am up to my neck in cables.  I decided to rewire the junk room and get rid of some unnecessary shit.  So if there is anyone out there good at untying knots in power cables….??

  1. I am outraged over your slur of those unfortunate apathetic people who through no fault of their own, etc etc ……………

      • That's outrageous !  Now you want to make an enemy of me. I take exception to this and feel deeply insulted and I reserve my right to take this matter further, should I not receive a fulsome apology with a generous offer of damages.

  2. Sorry GD,

    Apathy is no solution.  We have to keep reading your posts.  Get off your but and do something amazing.  Today.

  3. I write posts like this all the time…or I would if I wasn't so apathetic about it. In fact I'm so apathetic about writing these days that I'm not even going to finish this comment…

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