Screwing the system — 21 Comments

  1. "I’ll be having a quiet screw."  And don't come back until the job is finished GD!
    Nail it good now!

    You're turning into quite the Benny Hill aren't you?  I like it!
    Nothing wrong with a little double entendre now and then… good one happened me and a friend a few weeks ago in work.. we're getting coffee and I decide I want some chocolate too. So I gets a twix.. then he goes to get a twix too, so I says to him, I'll only eat half of this, do you just want the other half.. he says yeah, that's grand so.. to which your one behind the counter says, oh ye're having a finger each.. good thinking.  To which we all bust our asses laughing.   It was funny at the time.. a finger each, geddit? 

    It's kind of worrying that he's buying twix bars ever since and asking me do I want a finger… I'm not that gone on twixes really.  



  2. Our heating system is electric. Turns out the 3 year old was dropping playing cards in the vent all summer. So we had a nice open fire the first time we switched the heat on last Autumn.

  3. What about a weather vane attached to a movable cowl…. always be facing away from the wind then, regardless of which way it blew… would create a vacuum and suck fumes out rather than be blown back in… just an idea… 🙂

    • I'm fairly sure that one was tried.  The problem here is that this part of the mountains is very prone to wind eddies so the weather vane type never has a chance to settle in one direction.

      • hmmmm….. maybe some type of extractor fan inline in the chimney…if its just extracting fumes and not heat, it just may be a way…… been thinking about one a bit today…. must be solvable…

  4. What about one of those "H" jobbies? That's what I have on my wood burner, and it's very rare that I get any blowback down the pipe. Or those thingys that have slots in them and spin like whirling dervishes in the wind?


    Valves and flaps? Behind the boiler? Sounds distinctly dodgy to me.  Sort of like behind the bike sheds.  Yes, definitely dodgy.

    • I did think of getting one of them whirly yokes all right [bloody expensive too!].  Whether it would work or not I don't know.  Maybe sometime……

    • Ah the good old days of digging the turf!  I think the EU are trying to ban it, aren't they?  Cunts.

  5. One of those whirly things cured my neighbour's smoke problem.  We've got a bird-shaped cowl on our chimney and that works well but after 5 years it's starting to creak as it turns and sounds like the dogs snoring at night.  All I've got to do now is work out how to get up there with an oil can.

    • There is no problem with access here.  Herself is quite adept at shinning up the roof to the chimney stack.  All it takes is the promise of a naggin of vodka.

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