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    • Dogs like to find a piece of stray shit lying around.  They then plough their necks through it.  I suppose it's their equivalent to Eau de Cologne [or should I say Eau de Toilette?]

      • Ah, I see!…you've got  (what I call) a Roller!…I have a German Shepherd that doesn't do that.  The last one I had used to love to eat it!….Dogs they all have their own idiosyncrasies!

  1. When I was in UK, I had a couple of Westies, and both of them used to love to sniff out fox shit to roll in. Dunno if you've ever smelled fox shit, but it has a quite singular aroma…

  2. Several years ago, when I was working for a carpenter whilst taking care of my elderly parents, I was finishing out a picture window on an old farmhouse located at the top of a mountain in late November with nothing but fields and woods around the place. So I let my dog, Friday, loose for the day while I finished painting out the window. I mean, with all that open acreage around, what possible kind of trouble could she get herself into?

    Around 4:00 in the afternoon, it became a bit too chilly to paint any further so I closed up my paint can and hollered for Friday figuring she'd get back from wherever she was by the time I cleaned up. And she did–covered in shit. Not a single dwelling in sight for over a mile in any direction and she managed, somehow, to find a pile of horse shit to roll herself in. Unbelievable. And a 40 mile trip back home in a small car with the heat on. And Friday had long hair to boot. So hose away, Grandad, and count yourself lucky. It could have been worse.

    • I'm sure Friday thought she smelled delicious? 

      They were working on the neighbours house here a few years ago and opened up the septic tank to clear and remove it.  A dog from up the lane promptly jumped in for a swim and one of the builders had to go in after him.  That was quite an aromatic adventure?

  3. I'm with Nisakiman over the fox-shit, my previous dog used to love the stuff, also cow but didn't care much for horse (thank heavens – I used to have one, see avatar)    BUT the very worst I ever came across was swan-droppings!!

    • I always thought that avatar was a self portrait?  I have never seen a swan around here [nearest still water is over five miles away] so unfortunately I have been denied the pleasures of sniffing swan-poo.  I'll just take your word for it?

  4. Yeah! My Wicklow Collie loves her poop de jour too. No matter what the fuck I do the bitch always finds a fresh shit to plough through. Bird shit, hen shit, any shit she can find. She is washed regularly but she still loves a good shit.

    I think its a primeval doggie pack acceptance thing. Fukkit, I don't accept it. The fukker gets cleaned brushed and pampered and then finds a steamer from any creature and rubs the crud on her neck and ends up stinking like fuck.

    Dogs are great but, jasus, do they really wreck your head.

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