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  1. Would you look at the state of the fat cnut who's pushing it through too?

    I diagnose dietary and anger management issues,

    I hope the folk of Dublin North will not vote for this git again – but don't suppose that matters – since the colleagues in Belgium are on the lookout for someone to replace Dalli as bent commissioner for baccy control

    • Welcome TomO.  Indeed our Minister for "Heath" is a handsome picture of joy to behold.  There have been a couple of moves to oust him but he is like dog shit on the sole of your shoe – odious and difficult to shift.

  2. I don't know if this has been mentioned here before, but the incident that most gets my goat is the law suit that was taken in Paris against allowing smoking in smoking sections, ie the plastic tent type things with zips.

    These covered terraces were an innovation to  allow smokers to smoke in some modicum of comfort.

    If not for smokers they wouldn't exist.  But now non-smokers, who shouldn't be using them anyway having the whole inside of the bloody restaurant or cafe to sit in anyway, (and they can also sit outside because Parisian cafes have great heaters and blankets).  But that's not enough for them

    Now these militant non-smokers want to appropriated these also.  As said, they wouldn't even exist if not for smokers.  They're never satisfied, these people.  Liberal fascism at its finest. 

    They lost.  They're appealing.  If they win, they'll go for the outside tables.  There will be no end to it.

    • Welcome Bernie!

      I hadn't heard that news but then nothing surprises me these days.  These zealots have found a new religion and all must fall before them.  Grab. Grab. Grab.  It's sickening.

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