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    • Unfortunately in my quest to conquer the world, I can't afford to be picky about which countries I invade.

  1. Facebook (like Twatter) can be a real pain in the hole; I didn't like it either til I was badgered by friends and family into trying it. But I will admit that one of its few attributes is it can keep you in touch with family members you normally couldn't be arsed talking to 😉

    • Indeed it keeps you in touch with friends and family. The problem being that it keeps you in touch with their 'friends' too, and it can be quite a revelation to discover just how bizare and peculiar some friends of friends can be, and how many seem to have much too much free time and overload your home page with stuff you really don't want to know..

  2. Heh! Farcebook. I set up an account a few years ago at the behest of my daughters, and have studiously ignored it ever since. It's linked to my gmail address, which I also hardly ever use, and there are currently about 500 unread emails there from facebook telling me about how many 'friends' I have pending. But recently I've been coming across places that ask you to sign in with your facebook account (Veetle streaming being one that I like to use). Given that the original account I opened has more personal information on it that I wish to make widely public, I decided to open another account in a nom-de-plume. I tried Joe Bloggs, but FB was having none of it. "A proper name" it demanded. Bugger. So now I'm Nisa Kiman, linked to another of my multiple email addresses. It'll do for signing in purposes. Apart from that, I can't be bothered.


    Twatter is ok, I don't mind that as it doesn't pester me all the time. I can take it or leave it, and I pick up on some interesting links that people I follow post. Not from you, I might add, GD, since you only post your latest blog on there, and totally refuse to share any salacious titbits you may have come across in your travels round the net. 🙂


    But that's ok. I forgive you.

    • I have come across that Twitter/Facebook sign-in thing myself and to say that it is extremely fucking irritating is putting it very mildly.  I tried joining Google Plus or whatever it's called and they refused "Grandad".  I stuck in "Granclad" which looks near enough and they accepted it.  Wankers.

      Once in a blue moon [or less] I do venture into Twitter to try to cause some confusion and mayhem but everyone just ignores me, so I fuck off again.

  3. Because I am an unreconstructed Old Fart, and because I am a deeply suspicious old reprobate too, I refuse to have anything to do with Twitter or Facebook. Or Linkedin. I don't feel particularly hard done by either 😉 Mind you, my daughter thinks that the strip of insulating tape across the camera lens on the laptop may be carrying things a little too far … Still – better safe than sorry.

    Right; it's time to knock up a new tinfoil hat .. must dash

    • I don't worry about them gleaning private information simply because I have a habit of filling out forms and the like with random "facts".  They are welcome to sift through that!

  4. Sometimes Facebook locks me out and will only re-admit me if I name people in photographs. These people are reputedly friends of mine, yet once there was a photo of a statue.

    • Amazing to think that 21 people like me?  I feel all warm!

      Google+?  Hah!  Maybe in a year or two…..

  5. When I set up my first facebook account for my little store I set it up as a person, not a business.  I've been trying to delete that account for two years now.  If I ignore it, it's not really there, is it?  It can be a useful tool, saves me loads of money I would have normally spent sending postcards to customers.  Still, I feel like an interloper whenever I go post anything on it.

    • I have a funny feeling my FB account will end up in the same dusty corner along with all the other dozens of accounts I have festering away quietly!

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