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    • That is really depressing reading.  And they wonder why they are treated with so much contempt in the media?

      I'm just hoping someone will scrutinise that bill and find it is unconstitutional

      • It is indeed depressing, but think how much more/other important legislation is treated with the same level of, let's face it, contempt by our Gubmint.

  1. eh…halting site…   

    if you put Manor on wheels, and call the land a halting site. they will not come near you or the land, no matter the value. its exempt

    The muggers know who not to mug.




  2. Luckily here in Mayfield, all of the properties that do sell, involve cash and a handshake. It would be more than your life was worth to ask how much. So, it was great glee and tongue in cheek, that I await the Revenue valuation for Fortress Mallon.

  3. They introduced a property tax in Greece last year. No, it was the year before that. 2010. Sprung it on the population in about November, then backdated it to January the fuckers. That had a lot of people scrambling for cash.

    There are various 'bands' according to area, and the tariff applies to the area you live. That tariff is then applied per square metre. Where I am, it's €3 per sq.m. My place is 90 sq.m, so I pay €270 p.a. property tax.. But here's the sneaky bit. They split the payments into five, and then add it onto your (state controlled) electricity bill. So if you don't pay, you get the electric cut off. Tricksy, eh? They really are bastards, the taxmen of the world. I sometimes wonder how they sleep at night.

    • €270 a year?  You have to be joking?  Our lot reserve the right to place their value on my property [I have to then prove that it's worth less].  I haven't received the valuation yet but I know I am going to be down for anywhere between €500 and €600 per year, and that's just for starters.  Believe me, that represents a considerable chunk of my pension.

      • True GD, it's not a lot compared to the sum you're looking at, but when you see how beleaguered the Greeks are at the moment, and the current mean income, it really is not what people needed. It's really tough here for a lot of people now. And they've just slapped another 12.5% on the price of cigs/baccy! The bastards.


        People are gingerly fingering their packets of piano wire, wondering if they should be selecting the A sharp or the B flat….

        • Fair point about comparisons.  Things are fairly tough here too though.  I don't have the figures to hand but a frightening percentage of mortgages are in arrears here at the moment, with some as high as two years in arrears.  People here have just been bled dry but they still come back looking for more.

          Incidentally, my wire is F Major.

      • Trusts stuff here too.

        My house, car and chattles are just about to be handed over to 'the trust' using the documents that can be found on that site.
        Happy New Year, belatedly but then again the Gregorian calendar is make believe so I've really no idea when the year ends/starts.

    • Thanks, John.  I knew I had seen the figures very recently, and that is where I saw 'em!

      • Yes, but I can't remember how much, it was 24 years ago!  My employer moved me here so I got that paid on expenses.

  4. Iv said it before they know they will get away with anything because nobody protests. Its just enslavement while the perpetrators of the countries problems can pop over to London get made bankrupt and walk away laughing. It was the same with that gobshite Q in the media how he was been released from 'jail' to spend Christmas with his family. The c*nt was never near a prison cell but had his feet up in the officers training quarters. They threaten people with jail it they don't pay this property when are they going to put some bankers in jail. 

  5. you could get someone to seed the ruins with radioactive waste or toxic chemicals after you die,hopefully that would stitch the b*stards up

  6. UK council tax here in Kent £1,600 plus when I bought this house five years ago I had to pay £9,600 in stamp duty, they are never satisfied council tax doubled in the Labour years and it has just become a mortgage you can never redeem. I just hope you are not headed in the same direction.

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