Double time — 12 Comments

  1. Ha! They've probably struck gold out there and are 'quietly' extracting it right under your nose 🙂


  2. Ok, a bit of a story from some time ago…

    In my previous corporate IT days was working on putting in a LAN for an oil company who had bought an old post office building right opposite Buckingham Palace (Grosvenor Place to be precise). Time pressure meant that the builders were in at the same time (t'was all glass and marble stuff), and work was happening on Sundays as well. There was a guy living next door who threatened to raise an injunction to stop work as it was disturbing his peace. Guess what, the oil company wrote him a cheque for £40k and paid for him to go on holiday for three weeks!

    Worth a try?

    • Send that oil company over here.  I think there may be oil under next door's garden.  Heh!

    • I wouldn't mind if there were some progress but the lane is still in a terrible state.  [Probably means they are finished.  *sigh*]

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