A bad time to call — 12 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear you are not well old chap. Hope you feel better soon.

    However, and you know it's coming……how come sick as you are; you are having to get out of bed and answer the door, yourself. Where's the missus? Sat back with a cup of tea watching Jeremy Kyle no doubt. It's clear enough who wears the pants at The Manor.

    • Thank you for deliberately unasked for sympathy!

      Simple answer to your query – too hungover.

  2. I sympathize as I have it too, seems to be everywhere now but at least sleeping pills get me through the night without the awful cough waking me, have you tried them?

    • Hate tablets and avoid 'em where possible.  I have taken to dropping one every third or fourth night though just to get a good night's sleep. 

    • Nice one, Dave.  Unfortunately they would probably laugh at me if I suck up notices referring to the Queen and UK law?  I wonder if there is an Irish version?

      Just in passing – if people can only enter on invite, then how do you grant that invitation?  Intercom on the gatepost?

  3. GD…try my Irish grandmother's cure.    Hot fruit tea with double shots of whiskey.  Then take out your billyclub and beat the shit out of the dopes ringing your doorbell.   (billyclub=shelaylee…sp?)

    PS:  Nobody ever fucked with my grandmother.

  4. I ain't sorry you're sick so get better–now.

    "…and you begin to realise that I am not quite my chirpy cheery self?"

    And since when are you ever chirpy and cheery? You get worse?

    Another sign to hang on your gate (all credit to me long deceased father, The Reverend Franklin E. Blanchard):

    "Trespassers Will Be Violated"

    He used to hang that across our driveway in Plymouth, MA. People used to park in our driveway to go to pay a bill at the telephone company. The sign worked quite well. People stopped coming at all.

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