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    • Wasn't there a play called The Scattering?  [Heh!  Just looked it up.  There was, back in the '60s.  I think I may have actually seen it?!]

  1. One can get addicted to predictions GD – As William Shatner learned ..

    Here ..Was watching this earlier.. great stuff.

    What was the one with Sebasitan Cabot, where he thinks he's in heaven, but it's actually hell.. was trying to think of it after a post a few weeks back on a related theme.

    Anyways, like you say.. same as any other day.. well, except more time for watching old t.v. episodes and movies.. back to the grindstone tomorrow.. 🙁


  2. I hope to check out my estate in the old country next summer, but it won’t be a return home on account of that government sponsored exercise called The Gathering. The only thing it gathers is taxes.

    Wasn’t there a scheme in the early 1950s called An Tostal: Ireland at Home? I think communities around the country organised community activities, festivals and things to cheer up themselves and any holidaying emigrants. I seem to remember the post office issued a stamp to mark its inception.

  3. Totally agree with you sentiments regarding the EU (spits).

    Given their way they will have us all wearing identical grey boiler suits with your citizen number printed on the breast pocket. As long as there are old buggers like us around, there is still hope (peers over shoulder).  Anyway comrade citizen, must go and see what the meat ration is today….

  4. Ah ha, Grandad. You collected stamps as a youngster. I did so meself, and still have the stamp album in an attic teachest. Would you mind posting an item about stamp collecting, with a few of the old stamps? I remember it was impossible to get used stamps from San Marino, Monaco and Tristan da Chuna because most stamps from these countries were printed for sale to stamp dealers rather than letter writers. I can't imagine a long queue at the postal counter in Tristan da Chuna's one and only post ofice anyway.

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