Out of the Shadows — 25 Comments

  1. "Jaded but somtimes gifted cynicism?  Hmmmm.  Dunno whether to be insulted or flattered by that?  I’ll take it as flattery, thanks."She's got you pegged there GD.

  2. Trolling in private. Can't see the point myself but then again as I age so much what passes for 'modern life' is an empty shell.

  3. Jasus, GD. I'm exhausted by all that crap…..why not tell the boring  fucker/he/she/it/gobshite to fuck right off

  4. I almost feel sorry for "supershadow" (??????whahhhhhh???????!!!!!! 😀 😀 :D).Sounds to me like your dealing with something more akin to a John Gormley/Michael McDowell hybrid clone.

    • he likes John Gormley.  If I remember correctly SS once told me that Gormley was a hero and friend of The Force?

  5. I’d be worried she don’t call on the ultimate authority and tell Santa youve been naughty .

  6. Aaah, good old supershadow, my townmate. Had to delete quite a lot of his comments as well…

    • Damn!  He/she/it comments over at your place?  I'm dead jealous.

      By the way, he/she/it doesn't like people to mention where he/she/it is from.

    • Yup.  I got that message too.  I am to stop berating the EU as I am acting against The Force.

  7. Listen GD, we'd all be grateful if you'd keep your "dark passages and secret chambers" to yourself!! Post to Junk Mail.

  8. etirw kcab ot 'me ekil siht! llet me eht dlrow si dekcuf!   I find it works great with spammers / trollers.

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