Life in Hell — 17 Comments

  1. Come meet the new world.Same as the old world.It was a simple reboot of reality. Clearing of caches and all that. Automatically done every every 3000 years or so. Just a tick of the old cosmic clock really, we'd never notice either since, by comparison, we're only mere blips of existence. Synchronized bacexistencekups are done at that time as well.We did have awfully high winds yesterday though. Knocked our new tent shed right over into the fence. Perhaps that was the end of the world blowing past?

  2. Okay, what the heck is wrong with this comment editor? It didn't do the breaks or paragraphs. Just bunched everything up without spaces in between sentences even. Ah well, the plugin needs an update I'd imagine.

    • Sounds like a good president.  We would know if any of our politicians here dropped dead – the overall level of chaos would drop markedly.

  3. "Am I in Heaven or Hell?"  You're wherever you think you are GD.
    The Kingdom of heaven is within.. or something like that.. as someone once said.. lo here, lo there.. lo somewhere.. 

    " Maybe Herself doesn’t have to shave any more"   Yeah.. and where all the men are 7+ inches..


      • I've probably just been meeting the wrong ones..   maybe it was the jacuzzi bath last week that caused the shrinkage.. time for dumpin' me thinks .  (besides how can you take a guy with the name Ken Rogers serious?  Where do I find um?    Islands in the stream that is what we are.. and we rely on each other ah ha)

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