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  1. Now this might seem a tad 'weird' to many but I have done a bit of research for myslef and discovered there is legal and then there is lawful. They are ot the same thing even though all governments obfuscate them together.The research was inspired by a 'parking enforcement company' sending me an invoice for £195 for staying beyond the 2 hour limit on the local Co-ops FREE car park. To cut a long story short what they were doing was perfectly legal but when one of their ilk tried it on in court by claiming an obstinate 'registred keeper' should pay their invoice the judge threw the case out in minutes as it wasn't lawful to charge for something the enforcement company hadn't lost, namely the charges they invoiced for.Certainly opened my eyes and needless to say the parking enforcement company didn't get a bean and I told every member of staff in that Co-op about the scam as well as everyone I knew who shopped there. Too a man or a woman they were astonished as a fair few had been invoiced and coughed up.

    • For a long time I have been a follower of Captain Ranty who is an expert in these matters [though he would probably modestly deny it?].  He has opened my eyes to such things as "legal" "lawful" and Law vs Statute.  There is one hell of a lot going on that relies on public ignorance and also fear of "the system". 

      I would love to get a handle on the whole subject but it's a bit beyond me.  I prefer to stick with simpler matters such as searching for the Unifying Theory and mucking around with the Theory of Relativity.

  2. Forgot to add. Not sure what the Irish equivalent of the DVLA is called but the DVLA couldn't give a toss who onws a car. All they want is a name to be handed over which they list on their register as a 'registered keeper'. Should that name move without telling them then it becomes a keeper only… there is a difference according to the DVLA but coming back to the point. If the owner of the car is not the registered keeper then the DVLA can't do very much with the car itself although they can go after the registred keeper for any charges that arise from the use of the car. In the new year my car is being used as the trust res in a private trust.
     Trusts are immensley powerful creations that may well be the answer to a lot of life's ills and I am still trying to figure them out but figiure them out I will.

    • I haven't a clue what system they use here for registering car ownership, though I can pretty much guarantee it's probably in a bigger mess than the DVLA.  I must look into that one!

        • The National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF) is a database containing details of all 2.5 million registered vehicles and their owners as well as the 2.6 million licensed drivers in the country. The system which is maintained and supported by the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division of the Dept of Transport Tourism and Sport , located in Shannon, Co. Clare, is central to the processing of motor tax and driving licence business through which in excess of 1 Billion  Euros is collected annually. The NVDF also fulfills legal obligations in relation to the national driver and vehicle registers.Over 1 billion collected annually.. about a third of the Anglo promissory note. Jesus   

          • " is central to the processing of motor tax and driving licence business"There you go the truth writ large. Government is a business nothing more.

    • So correct me if I am wrong, but you are exercising your democratic right to not vote, and the law [which is supposed to be for your protection] wants you to cough up £1,000 for the privilege?  Anyone spot the error here???

    • I don't think it is unlawful (or illegal) to not register to vote in the UK.  The UK Census yes, but millions binned the form and nothing happened.

      • Well my wife and I have been off the electoral roll for the past three years and we aren't down 6k. Like most other 'fines of up to £1000' they are threats nothing more. Number one son is over 'voting age' and never been on the electoral roll and best of all he has no intention of ever being on it.

  3. Good God Grandad !  There you go telling the truth again. How in hell do you expect to ever get paid for what you write so brilliantly. This truth charade of yours could make a lot of wealthy and influential people  lose their power and money. Are you fucking mad ??? Get back into line and stop this honest rambling immediately. Of course legal and lawful are two entirely different things. How the blazes do you think the "proles" are kept behind the barricades.   You'll be asking for decency and fairness next if you keep this up ! No good will come of that carry-on.

  4. It constantly amazes me how laws are used in countries I choose to live in. In this big space on the arse end of the world we have such beauties as:If your car radio can be heard outside the car: FINE. Not FINE, good on you but :FINE, money out of pocket. Jesus I had to spell that out just in case.If you drive a car with a tow bar attached (no trailer): FINE…… Ah fuck it I could be here all day, ranting about this.My point is all these laws were written by people. Ordinary people like you and me.What happens to us> Why do we go off the deep end? 

    • Of course if you really want crazy laws, just nip over to Merka.  They have some real classics.

  5. back.. this bit popped back into the cranial cavity -" How does a law stating that I can’t own a gun protect me? "  Because it protects you from all the other knuggledraggers who can't own a gun either.

    • Excellent point.  The law should exist to ensure that the person is superior in strength to the lawbreaker.  A lawbreaker can and does carry guns which upsets the natural order.  In a society where no guns are available [legally or illegally] then a law preventing gun ownership is workable but unnecessary.  Where guns are freely available illegally, this puts the average citizen at a complete disadvantage unless he or she can equally access guns.

  6. GD, when was the last time a gun was pointed at you?   You've no need of a gun to protect you, as most people don't have guns in this country either… thank god. 

  7. I'd imagine the likelihood of it happening would increase significantly if everyone could freely get access to guns to 'protect' them, just in case.    Anyways, a pipe suits you much better than a gun.. 🙂

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