Crumbs from the EU table — 19 Comments

    • Chocolate Digestives are ok too. I don't mind having them on my computer. Chocolate tends to melt a bit when the cores get hot, though…

      • I like the plain digestives myself.. I call them suggestive biscuits though.. as I've mastered the art of eating a whole one all at once without choking.    haw haw

  1. You will be delighted to hear that my cookies are not only chocolate laden, but are full of all sorts of delicious additives and calories.

    I am not going to list the ingredients though, as that would be pandering to another fucking EU law.

  2. Ahhhhh, for gods sake he has to earn his large pay packet?  What's the point of having a huge office and staff if you can't prove your doing something.  Keep the head down and merry Christmas to you.

  3. Choc chip cookies with Hazel nuts in, just the biscuit with a cuppa.I suppose the problem, GD is'nt understanding The EU legislation, its that you don't want to share your cookies with the rest of us.

  4. 'Data watchog' I wonder what he/she's on €300k a year ? Living for the last 8 years free from all EU bullshit is great. I was looking over the last few days where I saw headlines like 'The IMF have told the government bla bla bla or the EU has told the government. Try an EU free zone it great.

  5. Maybe KFC Kenny & Co. should comply – we don't want them having to pay out 12,000 yoyos a day on top of the 12 grand they've already been fined for non compliance of septic tank regulations.Actually something's just made me think – if Ireland's not complying with YoYo regulations on cookies – would I be mad to conclude that the cookie monster is in charge over there?

      • Moon Pies…Very popular with bubba types, south of the Mason-Dixon Line.   Chocolate cookie layers with a marshmellow filling.   Great with a Cola, looking for a road kill lunch.   Now there is a cookie.

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