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  1. What are you going to buy with your share of the prize money? We're all getting a cheque, arent we, seeing it was us wot won it.

  2. Somehow I am reminded of Nero, fiddling around, and Rome burning.   I can see Nobel Peace Awards for O'bama and our beloved House of Rep. leader,  O'Bainner, receiving such an award in the future.   Jointly      

    What a screwed up world we live in!

  3. Why not give it to the EU? In the past they gave it to Barry Obama just for being black and to Yaser Arafat for being a terrorist. 

  4. Don't get too upset by it all, GD. Hitler was nominated for the award in 1939. That was a joke too.

  5. Was there ever a greater number of traitors in the one room, not one of these gobshite care about their own people.

    • The fact they all got out of that room alive shows Alky Ada is not real. Much the same as every G *(insert any number you like) summit gathering manages to get by without any 'terrorist incidents' this to pased off without incident.
      Open goals seem to be consistently missed by alleged terrorists to 'take the west down' and yet the most heavily defended airspace on earth gets violated three times on the same day by a a handful of radical muslims… allegedly.

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