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  1. Ah, bless the cute hoor. I don't know if it's a modern day pooch thing, but our Ozzie will NOT eat his dry food for love nor money………. unless:

    (a) there's a fistful of corn flakes or rice puffs put in with his grub

    and / or

    (b) you must place the bowl into the bed with him.

    Effort isn't really his thing these days since he's copped on to how much of a softy the missus is. Personally I think 21st century dogs are subconsciously showing solidarity with todays brats –

    "FUCK OFF I'm not eating this shit unless it's on my terms!!!!!!!"

    • In fairness to Penny, she ain't a fussy eater.  She will devour anything with gusto provided it's Gouda cheese [goat’s variety].  She is somewhat more reluctant with dry dog food.  The one thing that baffles me – she drinks water by the gallon yet rarely goes out for a piss.  I have a nasty feeling there is a corner of the house somewhere that is shortly going to start smelling rather bad…….

    • It's not a very flattering photograph all right.  It does mike her look slightly rotund.  She says she would love to do a lot more running, but she has some sleep to catch up with first.

  2. Hell, just get her a brew, a big bowl of chips, a television, and a couch on which to recline.  She would fit right on over here.

    • Bar the chips, you have just neatly described her setup here.  Though I have discovered she prefers the radio to television.  Wise girl.

  3. Any goldfish left? Our visiting Heron had the full 5 courses – bustard!

    This research could make for an interesting read. Or, to pull out the most pertinent extract – studies suggest that the imitative behaviour of dogs is shaped more by their developmental interactions with humans! 🙂




    • We haven't had goldfish for years.  That fucker Bertie got the lot.  He's after the frogs now but the twat doesn't realise that he is a bit early in the year yet.

      As for that study [more fucking studies], how come Penny isn't ordering her own pints then?  Answer that one.

      • Ah, Penny's no fool is she 🙂

        Talkin' of studies – just did the survey for the young wan that contacted you. Jeez I had to think! ha.

  4. Yes, our dog Gracie sits down to eat, haven't caught her doing it lying down yet but it's probably only a question of time.  She's a Greek dog we rescued after having been hit by a car.  It wasn't until she had fully recovered that we discovered why!!  We've nearly trained her out of the habit now, although she still has a thing about motorbikes and ALWAYS chases the local handyman whether he's on a bike or in a car.  Not sure whether it's love or hate as she definitely likes him when he's on foot.  She did once get beaten-up by his dog though so that could be it.

    • We had a Jack Russell once who had a fierce thing about cyclists and cars.  She would lunge at any cyclist if we were on foot, but would ignore cars.  If she were in our car though she would go demented at any other vehicle on the road except cyclists.  She was a right fucking pain to drive with as she would suddenly start her frantic yapping right in my ear as I was trying to drive!

  5. If I was an amateur freudian psychologist – which I’m not – I’d say Penny sees Bertie the heron as a sexual predator. But maybe a simple explanation is that Bertie, following the lead of his eminent namesake, shat from on high and offended Penny’s dignitas animala. And natural species abhor challenges and insults.

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