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  1. couldn't agree with you more! it was a prank call, bit lame but i hardly think that was the only cause of the nurse committing suicide. the dj's sincerely feel badly about something they could not have fore seen time to let it go and let the family of the nurse heal.

    • A bit lame is putting it mildly.  I honestly don't know what the fuss is about.  It was just an unfortunate coincidence.  The only thing the DJs are guilty of is a warped sense of humour.

  2. I did it the other way around, GD. I used to get calls for the same Transport Co. over and fucking over. Their clients would'nt believe they'd gotten the wrong number (mine was similar) So I got pissed off and started to tell each caller that they were on to the reciever and that that company had gone bust. The calls stopped very soon after.

    Another was Tallaght Garda Station. Gobshites would ring making excuses as to why they could'nt come to the station in compliance with their bail terms. I had a load of fun with them, telling them they were being watched and they would be picked up at their homes and generally scaring the crap out of the scobies.


    • I vaguely remember a case in Merka where a new hotel was built and was allocated a number similar to an old woman's number.  She pleaded with the hotel to change their number but they refused on the grounds that they had already advertised it and had stationary printed.  She started accepting bookings for them, and eventually caused so much chaos that the place went bust!

      • You should have heard the shock in the voices of the Transport Co. Client's, wondering how they were going to get their consignments. Heh!

  3. Some years ago new Mazda dealership opened not so far from my apartment and was sadly (still shudder after all those years)  allocated a number similar to mine, last three digits 121 instead of 212.
    After couple of months of phone Hell I visited them and asked politely if they would change their phone number. Fat general manager and his salesmen literally laughed in my face.
    OK….it' s a war then. I became very polite and professional when dealing with 'our' prospective customers over the phone, offering generous specials, cash backs, discounts,'savings', and  better financing deals.
    Only  catch, you must come see good ole Hugh THIS Saturday, 11 am sharpish, for a fun test drive and let's close the deal with my special cash back offer on this mode, wink, wink. They changed their phone no. 2 months later.

    • Welcome Hugh!  Sometimes the only way is to play dirty.  I was tempted at one stage when our number was two didgits reversed from the local church.  I could have had fantastic fun arranging weddings and funerals but somehow I lacked the nerve.  Sometimes I am too soft..

  4. The DJs were suspended indefinitely even though they cleared the prank with the station. The recorded the call and got it approved by the station’s legal department and everything before airing it.

    • If anyone should be fired it was whoever sanctioned the call, purely on the basis that it wasn't funny in the first place.  But in these PC days, there always has to be a scapegoat?

  5. These ones are a real hoot too.

    This muppet was on about charging for these too.. I'd pay to shut him up.

    Imagine ever slaggin' anyone off with that horseshit out there?  🙂

    In saying that me and my friends used to do this sort of thing at one point.. when we were 12.
    We'd ring child-line and say we were in love with our first cousin, in the caravan 'round the corner and is it legal to marry your cousin.. that kind of thing.   We used to ring the cancer freephone number too and talk about purple blotches appearing everywhere..  terrible carry on really.. but we used to fall out of the phone booth in hysterics.

    Terrible goings on at that hospital.




    • Bloody Hell!!  Is Twenty still haunting the place?  I thought he had emigrated or joined the priesthood or something.

      And you should be ashamed of yourself!

      • Selling his arse down the back of the george I heard.. way more money in it than the podcasts.. apparently.  They just didn't seem to take off for some reason.

  6. Could not agree with you more GD if these so call royals could just go into hospital without 400 idiots with cameras outside none of this would have happened. All these people need to get a life, I don't care a hoot about the royals why are they still even around in the 21st Century?

  7. Now i couldn't really give a flying fadoo about the royal family,except being jealous they get much better benefits than me,But wouldn't you think with future queen in their hospital you would have someone screening the calls rather than a nurse,if the hospital didnt do it  surely one of the flunkeys should have…?Piss Poor Security if you ask me

  8. Heh!  The one thing I avoided was saying anything about the royals.  After all, it's none of my business what other countries do.  I confess I would be more than a little narked if I lived in the UK and had to pay towards their lavish upkeep, but apart from that I couldn't give a flying fuck what they get up to, who's pregnant or who has a cold.  I have better things to worry about!

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