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  1. You lucky lucky Irish grandad!  Only 62% of income stolen off you in tax as opposed to some 74% this side of the water.  Autumn statement day here and I do believe Osborne has raised tax thresholds.  It may just be that you'll overtake us in a year or two.  Your top spot won't last long though because we will elect a Labour government again in 2015! That'll push our taxes up to at least 80% by 2020 I reckon.

    • I would wager that within an hour or two you'll be knocked off the top spot.  What's more, now that the EU has discovered a lucrative and compliant cash source they will keep us firmly at the top.

    • Came across it somewhere on my travels.  It was produced by some crowd in the UK.

      From the figures out so far., from increases in health, property and fuel taxes I reckon I am supposed to pay an additional €600 to €800 per year [and that excludes increases in duty on smokes].  If I were earning €100,000 per year it would cost much the same.  A very progressive tax?  Really hitting the wealthy and protecting the lower paid?

  2. Ah yes, I remember all that 'tax' malarkey from when I had a business in UK. I used to think my accountant was pulling my leg when he told me how much I had to send the taxman.


    "Naah, come on Dave, be serious now. How much do I really have to pay?" "What? You must have made a mistake, mate. It can't be that much…"

  3. That property tax sounds a bit of a bastard…enough to start a revolution perhaps.

    (after the game tonight maybe)

  4. Stop moaning. I have just been told I am going to hand over seventy of my punds to a government which is going to waste it putting up wind turbines in Africa and try and persuade some Colombian cows tostop farting all because my life is in danger apparently.

    Two things seem to be happening these days;

    Either the globalist nutcase's have simply gained the confidence to come out of the closet assessing that the population is now sufficiently cowed or dumbed down enough to accept 'their lot' come what may.
    They have let their tame loonies off the leash to tax humanity into oblivion or war whichever comes first.

    • At least wind turbines are good for culling birds and annoying the locals.  All my cash is [supposed to be] going to line the pockets of bankers and losing gamblers who are good for sweet fuck all.

  5. Looks like there'll be loads of Volunteers (Victims) at The GPO Easter 2016. I hope Arnotts still sell The Scouts Hats.

  6. C'mon now GD, surely this chart is taken from lower depths of some methane emitting arse? Please explain me how anyone would pay 65% of his income in taxes in Ireland.

    • I imagine it would be quite simple.  If you consider the journey of say one euro, from earning to spending, the gubmint takes one hell of a whack from income tax and levies through to VAT on the goods purchased?

      • But this must be the same creative accountancy which is used in calculating the ammount of smoking-relating deaths, you shouldn't use one if you condemn the other. This graph is utter bullshit, I have been working and paying taxes both in Poland and here and know that it was worse there. Yet on this graph my lovely Poland is some kind of libertarian paradise.

        • "this must be the same creative accountancy"  Heh!  Probably.  However I tossed it in as an afterthought and it doesn't change in any way the thrust of my argument – that we are being overtaxed in order to pay off the banks and their debts.

          • I agree with that, and it sickens me just so. Just don't like the graph, think it's fake and you shouldn't use it to support the right argument 🙂

  7. Paying taxes is an enigma wrapped in multiple layers of mystery but it's almost always inevitable ("Hear that Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.)" One thing for sure is that you should never try to graph the damn thing. Between loopholes, deductions, income, type of income and…well…cheating (both "legal" and illegal) you never know what you might be paying. And if Irelands' new tax structure parodies the US at all, the damn tax rules will change every year anyway so what you know/pay now is guaranteed to change by the next tax year.

    For myself, I'm rather content on knowing that I'll never live long enough for the bank to collect all my mortgage payments. That's something at least?

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