Planning my demise — 17 Comments

  1. Definitely get in a good supply of booze and just pace yourself until the final countdown. Not much else sensible you can do, really.


    Do we know what form Armageddon is going to take? Are we to go with a bang or a whimper? Will it be like Guy Fawkes Night? Catherine wheels and stuff? White-hot magma spraying all over like a roman candle? Or will everything just cease, like someone pulled the plug out?


    The suspense is killing me…

    • The problem with Armageddon is that it doesn't happen very often, so we are heading into the unknown.  It would be nice to go with a nice big Celestial Bang, but it will probably just be a quiet case of turning the lights out.

      I'll let you know one way or another after The Event.

  2. The Mayans didn't even know the Gregorian calendar existed. The Mayans also used three different calendars so the actual 'end' may have already passed or may be due a few years hence.

    More hokum to scare the masses with, not that it is really needed they are scared shitless as it is.

    So how was t'budget then?
    Heard sweet fanny adams about it here and yet Ireland is supposed to be Britain's best friend and closest ally… although that is the politicians talking so it may not be true.

    • D'you mean to say the world may have ended without anyone bothering to tell me?  Fucking bastards!

      The Budget?  I'm giving the dust a chance to settle.  I may pen a bit about it, but not today.

  3. "I have a sneaking feeling though that come the 22nd, after two or three bottles of whiskey I’m going to wish the world had ended……"

    You might be the only one left GD………Omega Man

  4. Hmm, there's this green eyed blonde in a place I do a lot of business and I reckon she'd be up for it, wonder should I take a chance just in case I don't get another one?

  5. I was in a village in Burundi where you have to walk five kilometres to a river to fetch water. They did not seem unduly perturbed at the prospect of the imminent demise of the world.

  6. Sorry about the flag – Kigali Airport was fogbound on Wednesday night so the return journey was Kigali-Entebbe-Addis Ababa-Cairo and now Stockholm for a flight to Dublin. The end of the world will mean not making such journeys!

  7. If Munster don't win their Heinken match on the weekend, that will be the end-of-the-world !!!

  8. Oh, Jesus, my dear sainted mother's been wailing about this for years: apocalypse, schmapocalypse – that's just my birthday.

    The world didn't end on any of the other 50-someodd times I 'celebrated' the event, don't see why it would now. The worst that ever occurred -and this was just once or twice, mind you- was that Winter actually showed up.

  9. If so, then the 21st will truly be a Day of Morning?

    Oh, that was so bad it made me shudder. Wish I had thought of it.

    If I don't wake up on the 22nd I'll be the sure to let you know, Grandad. Wouldn't want you to miss out on not being there any longer.

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