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  1. Well said.  I couldn't agree more whole heartily.  I go a little further and ask for the presidential office to be abolished altogether.  I'd even go  further again and introduce into the constitution, the fact you have been declared bankrupt in another country will not reflect on your obligations here in Ireland in so far that the ordinary person is not liable for your mess .  Clean it up yourself.  

    • There are so many important issues which are completely overlooked, and they just waste time farting around with the voting age?

      Give me strength!

  2. "The removal of the offence of blasphemy from the Constitution.  Sweet fucking Jayzus! About fucking time."

    Ho Ho !!

    • I would consider that the crime of Blasphemy is blasphemous in itself.  It implies that the Deity doesn't have a sense of humour, which is pretty insulting?

  3. Couldn't agree with you more, GD. Mind you; if "KFC Kenny & The Chickenwings" continue their five year gig in Dole Eireann, there won't be any point of a constitutional convention as by then we'll be a minor province of the Fourth Reich. I'd also like to know very much just how exactly the 66 citizens were picked for this doss-fest.

    Another thing I noticed was this farce of Ireland's (snigger) presidency of the EU. As I mentioned on The Journal, that's just like letting a child sit in the drivers seat and pretend that they're driving the big fire engine. We all know who'll really be in charge.

    • Who are these famous 66?  I don't remember the job being advertised.  Are they being paid?  And more important – how much?

      "just like letting a child sit in the drivers seat and pretend that they're driving the big fire engine"  Heh!  Love it!  Perfect.

  4. How about my senate referendum?????  Political amnesia is an awful thing and seemingly incurable!

  5. "How about a clause saying that adults are adults and should be treated as such without vested interests and jumped up nobodies insisting on forcing/nannying/coercing/nudging us into “doing what’s good for us”?"


    Now that would be a clause worth turning out to vote on. Trouble is, that would then leave most of those in government with nothing to do, particularly given that as InnisEanna points out, Ireland (along with all us other EU peripherals) will soon just be an outlying province of the Fourth Reich.


    If they weren't running around banning stuff and organising LBGT outreach centres and ensuring that five year olds know about the joys of same-sex marriage, well, heaven forbid, they'd be out of a job…how awful would that be?

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