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  1. They are the last Lords in The Country albeit Law Lords. They are protected by the constitution from Political interference and can only be removed by impeachment. (I think this means throwing loads of rotten peaches at them until they leave).

    This leaves them, free to do what ever the fuck they like, since they can't be sacked and would be tried by their peers. What a fucking system. I don't think she will get much of a pension as she was'nt holding the office long enough.

    I have had personal experience of this Judge, when she was a solicitor. She tried to deceive me and family members. She had been a friend and legal adviser to the family for several decades.

    I hope she rots.

    • There is no harm in being protected from political interference but it should be the other way around – there should be a clause in the constitution preventing the gubmint from interfering in anything that doesn't concern them [i.e. just about everything].

      Was that you shuffling around in the long coat outside the Four Courts?  You are older than I imagined!

  2. How come the ads on your site target me personally here in the U.S?  How does that work?

    Your Judge would fit in very nicely over here.


    • Are you getting all the penile enlargement ones?

      As for the judge – you're welcome to her if you want her?

  3. No I had to have a penile reduction operation.

    I input info yesterday on the Delta web site for a flight to Man  to get the price for certain dates. Did not book it though. And then up comes a Delta ad on your site for flights to the same city. When I clicked on it the info came up that I did input earlier. WTF ?

    • You've unwittingly downloaded some tracking software, which is forwarding all your personal information to interested parties. Run Malwarebytes or Spybot (both of them free and friendly, won't damage your system. Google them) and clean the little vermin out. You'd be amazed at the nasty little infections you can pick up when surfing the net. Your antivirus lets them in because they're not viruses, just ad-trackers or whatever. Not dangerous, just a pain. I also have "Do not track plus" running all the time, which allows you to identify and block whatever is tracking you on any particular site. Social networks, ad networks and companies are all vying for your attention and personal details. Here on GD's site, I'm being tracked by Google analytics and StatCounter, which I allow so GD can see me on his stats, and Woopra and Google Adsense, which I have blocked because I don't see why they should access my computer.

      • Fancy a job as Technical Manager here at Head Rambles Manor?  The pay is shite but the view is nice.

        • I read a book once – (..there wasn't many pictures either and lots of words.. ha) on this.. 'The filter bubble'  I think it was called.. boring book really… could have been written in 2 pages, but all about how our information is being gathered and how sites are being tailored to our specific interests, which is a little limiting to broadening the horizons really.  It's always good to broaden the horizons I find. 


          • It is the mission of this site to broaden horizons and say things we wouldn't say in front of our mothers.

            That broad enough?  Or do you want pictures?

    • "No I had to have a penile reduction operation."

      From my anecdotal observations I've found if the body is a bit like  Bilboa Baggins.. the ratios are a little out of proportion and objects appear larger than may actually be on a normal sized individual.    Just saying..

      • Good point about Hobbits…  If their feet are THAT big and hairy then what does it say for the size of …..

        Oh, never mind.

  4. That's strange. I distinctly remember being told as a little lad that nobody was above the law 😉


    Oh yeah!! Nearly forgot – I'm living in Oirland.

    • Nobody is above the law here.

      Except of corse politicians, bankers, big business, legal profession, medical profession and anyone who happens to know someone.

  5. I think the judges have a lot of provisions in our constitution so as to prevent political interference… didn't we have to have a referendum there not too long ago to be able to touch their pay?  And weren't they asked initially if they wouldn't mind ever so much agreeing to a reduction in their pensions… imagine  that, would ye mind if we brought yer pensions in line with other public servants?     And would ya mind stepping down there, you convicted crook, whenever you're ready.. no rush or anything.     Tis a farce.

    • Did we have a referendum on that?  We seem to be having a fucking referendum every second Thursday these days [and twice on Saturdays] but never on anything really important.  Like whether the gubmint should be shot, gassed or hung.

  6. The 60-year-old, who earned €147,961 a year as a District Court judge, is entitled to a modest pension of 3/80th of her salary for her three years’ service. It will be paid to her on reaching pensionable age. Thats €548.54 Heh!

  7. €5548.54 I meant, I miss laid the 5 grand….fukkit thats what she did. It was the Secretary's mistake….really Heh!

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