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  1. One way or another we are going to be bullied and forced into eating “healthy foods”


    No GD, one way or another we are going to be bullied and forced into further lining the pockets of the avaricious bastards who make all this crap up. Because sugar tax, fat tax whatever, once they impose it ("It's for your own good, you know"), it won't matter if you're anorexically thin, grossly fat or a supremely muscle-toned Adonis, you'll still be hammered for the tax, regardless. Which will of course pay for yet more "studies" and "research" by those wastrels who've never actually had a proper job, but nevertheless enjoy a nice fat pay-packed courtesy of you and me.

    • People are under the impression that I complain about the smoking ban because it affects me.  Not true.  The real reason I complain so vociferously is because it infuriates me the way people lap up all this shit without question.  It sickens me to watch the gullible brain dead sheeple swallowing all these lies and allowing vested interests walk all over them, dictating how they should live their lives.

      I am not overweight [though I'm probably morbidly obese by "researchers'" standards] so any measures that are brought in shouldn't affect me either, but I will still fight any anti-obesity measures to the hilt.  Where will it stop?  Alcohol is surely an imminent target.  Maybe then they will decide what type of recreation we take?  Now they have discovered they can dictate what goes in in people's private lives, and that no one even questions their most outlandish claims, there are endless possibilities

      Now these people have discovered that there are vast sums of cash to be handed out to line their pockets, they will never stop.

      • Here here GD.. totally agree.
        Caught a few minutes of a auld bag on Today FM with Matt Cooper on the drive home from work earlier ..she was harping on that education isn't enough.. that we need to tax sugary drinks and the likes to really make a change to the obesity levels across the nation.   Are we a bunch of fat fuckers or what?  I don't see all these obese people they're on about.    That's exactly what it is.. another gravy train.

        The same with alcohol as you say..
        They want to stop the sale of cost price drink at the supermarkets..  My theory on that one is they used to get a lot more revenue when people would go to the pubs.. but more people are drinking at home now and can't afford to go out, so they want to be able to get the tax from supermarket drink now.   But of course they'll harp on it's to stop people drinking so much.. drink is bad.. the kids are drinking the alco-pops.. it's too cheap and it's very very bad for you and costs the government billions in alcohol related health problems,  sick days off work etc etc.
        And people buy the bullshit.  Same thing with that stupid plastic bag tax.. save the environment etc.  How many hundreds of millions have they racked in with that one I wonder?  Were the plastic bags really causing that much damage?   

        On that report, about people being out sick due to obesity.. how the fuck does that work?  Sorry boss I won't be in today, I'm having a bit of a fat day?    I would imagine that there are higher numbers of sick days amongst the general populous who wouldn't be considered obese.   You really can correlate any two things you want without much logic being used it seems.


        • They are starting on the alcohol kick over in the UK now.  Minimum pricing which will do absolutely zilch for any real or imaginary problem.  They are trying to introduce it even though the EU have told them firmly they can't.

          Of course, what happens is they increase the price / tax and there is fuck all effect so the answer is to increase it more.

          "Sorry boss I won't be in today, I'm having a bit of a fat day?"  Love it!!

          • Over here Cameron is playing a shrewd game or rather his handlers are.

            1.Cameron shoots for retail price fixes. 
            2.EU types make public statements that such a move is illegal under EU rules. They would prefer a  change to WHOLESALE prices.
            3.Cameron gives in and the EU is portrayed as saving the drinking habits of the common man.
            4.End result everyone who buys alcohol from a normal retail outlet not run by 'Whitey Van Man' pays more tax.

            Expect more of the same for whatever commodity the slime running the EU decide is next. 
            There has to be a revolution to be rid of these fuckers or better yet their backers.

  2. Makes me feel guilty to admit to using statistics for my own gains and ends in a previous life.  Having retired …

    • Doctor told me a few months ago to lose a wee bit of weight to help bp levels. Fair enough, good plan, Dr…how much does your chart recommend?…3 stone.

      Like fuck.I'd be like something out of Belsen losing three stone. 

      Three months of swimming, weights down a stone, BP's perfect.

      No trust in those BMI charts either. Not sure I trust anything whatsoever anymore.

    • BMI is generally regarded as a very vague measurement anyway.  I believe half the Irish Rugby team are obese or worse!!

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