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  1. Dead right GD, and had to share a story with you…

    Not long after we moved over we were on our way to the local dump in a UK registered car to offload some rubbish. I was aware of being followed but didn't say anything to my partner. Anyway, once we pulled in two of them got out and approached us. Herself, beside me, said 'wow, these 'dump people' are well dressed, they've got uniforms on'.

    She then would down the window and asked them "where do we put the tins"!

    I thought it was quite funny, they didn't!! We then got a lecture!

    • There is one indisputable fact – ALL "officers" of the gubmint are completely devoid of a sense of humour.  I don't knoiw why.  You would imagine it would be essential in their jobs?

  2. I agree GD. We are all supposed to be European, except it is only true when it suits the Bastards who control our lives, The Gubmint and their Euromasters.

    There is one thing I might point out though. While you and I have to pay ridiculous Motor Tax costs (for nothing) and a rip off NCT charge with the added cost of Insurance etc, those fuckers who drive, on a permanent basis, foreign registered cars in The RoI are not paying any of those costs. They are neither insured, licensed, taxed or NCT'd. They can avoid all manner of penalties for motoring offenses too.

    I think its then fair if they get a little fucked over now and again, since we're paying for their privilege to drive on 'our' roads.


    • The simple answer to that is that if you are in my country, you obey my laws. 

      If I bring the car on the continent, then for the duration, my insurance is covered by my home policy.  If I extend my stay beyond just a holiday then I should be expected to pay insurance in the country where I now reside.  Equally, anyone importing a car here must expect to pay exactly the same charges / rip-offs that we pay.  When in Rome…….

  3. I think I caught a few mins of this programme GD.. was it the one with the two officers on it with personalities of guinea pigs?  That's probably not fair to guinea pigs in fairness..  the bright spark of an officer was following a foreign guy at the airport for while as he was acting suspicious..not sure how exactly.. they may have just said he had a suspicious look about him.  Maybe he had a beard and smoked a pipe .. ha.  

      He decided to wait until the flight was boarding to go talk to the 'suspect'..  nice or what?
    Anyways the guy was carrying just over 6 grand on him..6,100 to be exact and the limit is 6,300 he said.. so unfortunately he couldn't bust him and take all his money off him. 
    I think that was the one anyways.. turned off soon after that. Couldn't watch much more of the cunts.

    • That's the one!  Yer Man's face was a study as he counted the cash and got soooo near the limit, and then had to let the bloke go because he was just under.  Who the fuck says we can only carry cash under a certain amount anyway?  It's none of their fucking business.

      • Yeah.. I think he actually said there's nothing I can do here as he's just under the limit. 

        I said the exact same thing to the housemate too..why a fucking limit and none of their business.  You can swindle billions in this country, but you have to use the same shower of cunts – banks – to move your few bob around. 

        It takes a certain kind of cunt to do a cunt's job well.  

    • Corrected it, but I'm nearly sorry I did now.  "suspicious look at him" had a better ring to it!

  4. 4 years ago I was on holiday visiting relatives in Limerick I was driving a UK reg car, as I drove into a carpark in Dunns two gobshites 'jumped' out of a car and flashed some cards asking me about my car. I told them to F**K O** or I would call the British Embassy and report them for hassling tourists. But I think its got worst now God I'm glad I not going back again.

    Interesting here about the Goldman Sucks take over of Europe note that gobshite Peter Sutherland is on this list he's the one who was telling Biffo what to do but he's kept his head down.


    • It does seem to be getting a lot worse.  Mind you, there are so few tourists around these years that they must feel desperate.

      I saw that about GS.  And still our shower think the EU is all about luvvy duvvy partnership!  Hah!

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