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  1. At this hour of the day, it's old news anyway so I'd just sit tight…..unless like here it's all about the shopping ads. But then again, no ads….no shopping!

    Now I'm off to find myself a newspaper.

  2. Be creative.  Invite the daughter, retire to the pub before the brood arrives.  If Herself is anything like my Bride, she'll hardly notice your absence. 

    • Welcome JB!  That would involve going out in the rain.  Mind you – at least there is a decent incentive?

      I've been toying with the idea of inviting the daughter and then firing the grandkids out into the garden to play?  That could work.

      • Thanks!  I've been here before, but staying in Holland now so the IP is unfamiliar.  Enjoying similar weather, even though London seems to absorbing all the rain before it reaches us here.  

        I've tried without success to send my grandkids out of the house.  "They're young," I hear.  As if an electric fence cares about age.  

        • You must have used a different email or summat.  Sure, you're always welcome anyway!

          Have you thought about those electric dog fences?  They are brilliant!  Just put the collar on the kid and if they roam too near the fence [or the door back into the house] they get a lovely jolt in the neck.

    • Hahahaha!  You have to be joking!  It's after half four and she still hasn't been in the garden for a piss today.  SHe is hobbling around with her hind legs crossed and sweat on her brow, but there is no fucking way she is going out in that.

  3. Buy her a slicker and boots.   Then tell her it's a nature hike.  Good for her health to talk a walk, so to speak.   As for here, not a cloud in the sky.  The comtrails are clearly visiible.

    • If you have loads of comtrails then you are probably in for another Superstorm!  Superstorm Penny [seeing as they like to name them after my dogs for some reason]?

      • All I want is a simple (?) rain as we are under 6 inches of the blessed wet stuff for 2012.  And, I went to the interweb site that one of your readers posted about comtrails.   Yep, it is confirmed.  There are tons of Merkan wack jobs.

  4. If anyone is interested in my final decision?

    I decided to tell her the road was flooded.


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