Going out on a limb — 20 Comments

  1. Totally agree GD. Why we have to have Nanny State Laws for every bloody thing I'll never understand. It seems another way for The Legals to make more money out of us all.

    I as a Male do not have the right to make a life changing decision that affects a Female's fertility, health or body. A womb is not Public Property either.

    Its a Woman's choice and only Fertile Women should be allowed to vote in a referendum on this issue.


    • I think the whole concept of introducing law into medicine is bad.  In fact I would maintain that society would be a lot better off if 99.99% of laws were scrapped altogether.

      • Yes threw me for a while but then I figured writing his not 'his thing'. I'll wager he is much happier talking than writing or typing even. Reading it through a second time made it much clearer.
        I'm penning a letter today to my local water extortionists today asking them if it is acceptable to pay their charges with promissory notes. Hopefully they will reply in the negative and then the fun begins.


        • I must admit I raised an eyebrow at the concept that promissory notes are not legal tender.  That is, after all what currency is!

  2. A somewhat simplistic solution.  So you are on the table bleeding to death and the surgeon is in the corner consulting his priest.  What then?

    • If I am on the table bleeding to death I would sincerely hope that the surgeon is doing his job as he was trained to do, without consulting with anyone outside the medical profession.

    • Rather unlikely you'd do either if your surgeon is relying on religious or legal advice before operating?

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