Twinkle twinkle little star — 5 Comments

  1. "But that all stopped in 2001 when I took early retirement."   haha.. you're a gas man GD.

    "There was only one “big name” who fancied himself as a “star” an he was an utter cunt."

    I know. It's Kenny isn't it?  Go on.. tell us.   Or hang on.. maybe it was Gerry Ryan.. Or Tuberly. Or Gay?   Or Miriam?
    So many cunts to choose from really.      Tell us.. come on.. out with it.



      • Like not even a slight chance GD?    

        I'm only kidding.. I don't need you to tell me who's the cunt in RTE as they're all a shower of talentless, overpaid, nepotistic, parasitic cunts, living off the rest of us.   

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