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      • Thanks for clearing the confusion up.

        Vice Grip=Type of wrench and/or pliers with a thumb screw to tighten down the grip.

        Spanner=Type of wrench with pegs which allows the user to span across a gap and then twist.

        Wanker=a screw-off, a lousy, no good for nothing, a bottom pincher, a complete fool.

        I still need an explanation.

        Someone, anyone, anyone?

  1. I asked Spanner.  He says Yer Man has a vice like grip which can only come from a certain exercise. 

    Don't blame me.  It made sense at the time [after a few pints, I admit]

  2. In the olden days when I were a lad, there used to be a range of spanners called 'King Dick'. Honest. And there was another called 'Facom'. Auld Mick the chargehand hand one spanner of middle eastern origin which he swore was called a 'Faqmi'. The merry ribaldry which flowed back and forth across the workshop floor had my young ears burning at the time.


  3. In my day vice grips were used in vices to prevent damage to work pieces and what you refer to as vice grips were called Moles!

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