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      • Thanks for clearing the confusion up.

        Vice Grip=Type of wrench and/or pliers with a thumb screw to tighten down the grip.

        Spanner=Type of wrench with pegs which allows the user to span across a gap and then twist.

        Wanker=a screw-off, a lousy, no good for nothing, a bottom pincher, a complete fool.

        I still need an explanation.

        Someone, anyone, anyone?

  1. I asked Spanner.  He says Yer Man has a vice like grip which can only come from a certain exercise. 

    Don't blame me.  It made sense at the time [after a few pints, I admit]

  2. In the olden days when I were a lad, there used to be a range of spanners called 'King Dick'. Honest. And there was another called 'Facom'. Auld Mick the chargehand hand one spanner of middle eastern origin which he swore was called a 'Faqmi'. The merry ribaldry which flowed back and forth across the workshop floor had my young ears burning at the time.


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