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    its easier in China, you don't have to think what to write in a blog, the Party tells you.


    Think of the CCP like Fianna Fail you cannot kick out, with John O'Donoghue the permanent propaganda Minister.

    • I'm sure the Party would love to tell me what to write.  In fact I wish they would so I could write just the opposite!

  2. Sitting on the roof?  Perhaps you can spy on your neighbours while you are up there and make a story out of that?  Write about what is on your mind….okay, maybe not.  But, feel free to express your opinion freely and don't worry about 'offending' anyone.  🙂

  3. "you can fuck off on that one too – too boring a subject" – puts it in a nutshell really – you'll do your own thing anyway – that's probably why we come back for more.  By the way – the roof at your age (and mine) is not recommended – which is why I'm also contemplating going up there next week to do some minor repairs.  If it's the last you hear from me, you'll know it didn't work out ..

    • Actually the roof here isn't too bad [I'm not there at the moment of course as it's pitch dark out] but it's a flat roof and a sturdy one.  I built it myself so I know these things.  I haven't fallen off it.  Yet….

      • Go ahead and admit that you are up there smoking a blunt and spying on yer neighbours.  🙂

  4. Are you still up there GD. Should have brought a camera with you, pictures speak a thousand words and all that!

    Why am i thinking about roof protests – you're not in mountjoy are ye?


    • I have just searched the mainstream Irish Meeja – Nothing!  Not a word about the demos.  Not a single mention.  I honestly no not understand the people of this country.

      • In two minds as to what the people are (in the whole of the British Isles)

        Either the sheep mentality has taken hold throughout the majority so take whatever direction their 'flock leaders' tell them to.


        There is genuine fear of the potential consequences (as outlined by a far from free media and a clearly corrupt government cabal) of taking responsibility for one's actions.


        They generally believe that anarchy really means death, destruction and violence not just a country without government and are therefore terrified into complying.


        They genuinely believe that no matter what they do they cannot change anything.

        I do think the majority can see through the voting scam which is good even  though a significant minority still cling to the false belief that a vote will change something.
        I used to think that if the problem was bad enough people would be forced into finding a solution as quickly as possible, after all everyone knows how to shop and yet no matter what the scandal people continue in their own personal ruts whining about being shafted and consenting to be shafted at the same time no matter how many times those who deign to rule reveal themselves to be nothing more than common criminals getting away with murder.

        I've frankly had enough of trying to convince people that being 'eligible to vote' also means 'eligible to be taxed, fined, licensed, penalised, generally shafted at every opportunity by whoever is giving you the vote'. They may understand it but the fear they have of doing something that might bring them to 'the attention of the government' is too strong so they do nothing. They will not even stop paying the telly tax even though they accept there is zero justification for it. Fucks my brain up to be honest.

        At least on the slave ships they had a crew armed with weapons which would hand out death violence and death to keep the slaves quiet in this word all that is required is the totally false fear of 'being recognised by the government as someone who won't do as they are told'

        Hopper from Bugs life has it bang on

        "Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line."

        • Bill, There are no "British Isles". They are Irish Isles….actually. Lets all….just be European's. Won't that be more fun. FFS

          • Ireland, Britain, Europe they are all just labels invented at some point in time by men for reasons long since forgotten. 

            Over here I am expected to be Barrovian, Cumbrian ( previously Lancastrian), English, British and European all at the same try and figure out which label I am expected to be at that particular moment depending on who is doing the spouting. The thing is though I am allegedly living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland and yet there is no way to say I am from the United Kingdomish or United Kingdomite.

            Born in a different time I could have been Roman, Celtic or Viking or Saxon or an Angle.

            Without labels though there would be less options for conflict and that would never do for those who seek to control.

            • Thank Fuck you were never one of the above, although if there were no labels some gobshite would come up with the idea.

              • I have to admit though, there are some fucking dinosaurs here (RIRA) who thrive on their idea of labels.

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