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  1. A sad case especially as all the religious nutters had to do was send the lady over the border into Northern Ireland thus saving their moronic belief system and this lady's life. 
    No this is a sickening story not a sad case.
    In fact it is truly an abomination of the worst kind. Bastards.

    Sorry Richard but if this level of lunacy prevails amongst the majority of the Irish nation then that population fully deserves every turd the EU craps out on them.

  2. This morning my wife and I were having breakfast at a McDonalds and I picked up a newspaper and this was on the front page. I only looked at the headline which was enough to make me say to herself "I'm not reading that it will put me off my food, I'll come back to it later!" I've just read your newspaper link GD and understand what the story was about and am thoroughly disgusted with the attitudes of the laws in this land.

    I lived for 15 years in South Africa and came back here in 1991 and as insane as apartheid was over there I can honestly say that would never have happened over there. The pregnancy would have been terminated to save the mothers life as it would in a lot of countries in the world today. I grew up there and the attitudes were different, in this regard anyway. Apartheid officially ended around 1994 and is long gone over there and yet here we are in Ireland today 2012…in the 21st Century…with none of that over our heads and we are now in the international spotlight, again over our religious self defeating behavior.

    I am no longer calling myself Irish but am calling myself Hsiri which is "back to front" and sums up the official stance in this country, for me. Do the "clergy-minded" never stop to think that saving the mother's life would have given her another chance in the future and it was confirmed she was miscarrying? No hope!

    • Indeed I too am ashamed to call myself Irish if I am to be identified with that kind of carry-on.  The moralists here love to carry on about other countries condoning female circumcision and the like in the name of religion but they are quite happy to let people die in the name of their own religion.

      How can these people sleep at night?

  3. Disgusting indeed.

    It's that moralistic "this is a catholic country" that really gets me.  If the country is its people, then those cunts DO NOT speak for me.  They can craw-thump their way through mass on a Sunday if they like, but that does not give them any moralistic superiority.

    I am really sickened.

  4. Where is the Christianity in a Catholic country that allowed this beautiful young woman to die? I am ashamed of this backward nation and how it continues to fail women in this way. I sincerely hope that Savita Halappanavar’s death won’t be in vain but that is cold comfort to her poor husband and family.

  5. How many millions have died in the name of religion? How many wars have been fought, how many innocents have suffered?


    When religion becomes ideological dogmatism it loses its relevance to the common man and becomes just a tool with which to control the masses.


    This poor girl should never have died. It's a crime against humanity. There is no excuse.

  6.  The consultant said it was the law, that this is a Catholic country. Where is this written down?What law?

  7. Like other scandals and outrages this sad business will be quietly and eventually swept under the carpet by the turds that call themselves the moral and spiritual authorities of this land.

    Whatever happened to the hypocratic oath?

  8. The hospital was wrong in this instance as the Catholic Church condones the loss of the life of the baby in order to save the mother's life. 

    • Dembones you highlight the root cause of this utterly pointless death better than anyone else commenting here. 

      Irrespective of whatever or just as likely whoever wrote the book of religion the meanings of those words are constantly being interpreted by a very small cabal of live human beings. A slightly larger cabal then tries to enforce these interpretations on any human being who shows any sign of believing in the religion. 

      It doesn't matter one jot that a human being or two in that hospital read or interpreted the rules of the Catholic wrong the fact they exist at all is the reason why this lady lost her life, her husband lost his wife and a set of parents lost a daughter…
      A life that was extinguished not because it couldn't be saved but because those who could save it didn't want to as their beliefs told them it was wrong. 

      Saying they had the wrong interpretation of the rules will not bring this life back and is no defence of religion.

  9. This little island of ours is inhibited by an awful lot of hillybilly fuckin' assholes..  the sooner they all die off the better…the rest of us can get on with living in a civilised society.  

  10. The last political brew-ha-ha over here was filled with the most ignorant comments on so-called "Right to Life".   A much smarter person then I once said, "Many men (and women) have died in the name of religion."   When are we, as a people, moving out of the Dark Ages?   These edits come from a most perfect church.  I doubt it.   OK, Willie, you are foaming at the mouth, now.

  11. Her death is being hi-jacked by the Abortion Lobbies. Her death had nothing to do with that at all. Her death was down to Criminal negligence, Catholic Bigotry and the failure, yet again, of our Politicians to provide the Laws that are needed to protect Mná Na hEireann…..remember them?

  12. 'Lord' Gilmore was pontificating a few days about it was a human right to have same sex marriage in Ireland but this lady had no human rights as soon as she went into that hospital. Slab is quite right its criminal negligence I thought doctors took an oath to save life? Even in Afghanistan wounded Taliban are given medical care.

  13. 1. I'm a man, so I apparently shouldn't have an opinion.  2.  I'm an American, so I shouldn't have an opinion.  But, as you know Grandad, I'm going to express my opinion!  🙂

    It is of my belief, and mine alone, that there are only three moral reasons for a woman to abort a baby. 

    a)  Risk of health to mother.  (This does not include the fact that she doesn't want to look fat.)

    b)  Rape

    c)  Incest

    I am terribly saddened that this woman lost her life.  However, like Slab wrote, her death will only be used to perpetuate the abortionist agenda.  Once they legalise it at a certain gestation period, they'll bump it up after a few years.  Before you know it, partial birth abortions or worse will be legalised.  Once you get the ball rolling downhill, it's hard to stop it.  It all goes back to the globally elite that are using abortion as a eugenics tactic.  They are trying to control the world population due to many reasons, one being the fact that several countries have exceeded their sustainable population cap.  It is estimated that 55 million babies have been aborted in the US since Roe v. Wade (1973).

    Like I said, I'm just a guy, so according to the Politically Correct Elite, I shouldn't have an opinion.  🙂

    • JD, sir. You are right, these are your opinions and as such have as much relevance as personal religious beliefs. It is always better to keep these thoughts to yourself as no good can be done by trotting them out for all to see. All you have achieved is prove that you are a fundamentalist conspiracy theorist with an axe to grind.

      It is, however, good that you have a opinion. There are very few of us left.


      • If I were a lesser man, I might take offense to that remark.  We still have the right to our opinions, but if we continue to be subservient to those in power, we'll lose that soon enough.  🙂

        • No harm in a drop of lively debate.  As the old saying goes [to paraphrase] – I may not agree with all the opinions expressed here, but will defend peoples right to express them.

          And as Snookertony says – there are few people left with original opinions…..

  14. There has been a battle raging here for the last twenty to thirty years between the "Right to Life" crowd [aided and abetted by the catholics] on one side and the "Right to Choose" on the other.  I have lost count of the referenda [-ums?] we have held, none of which has really solved anything.  What we have ended up with is a messy compromise and an ambiguous patching of laws which tries to satisfy both sides but in fact serves neither.

    Our government has been sitting on this mess, with endless promises to fix it and naturally has done nothing.  Of course the inevitable has happened and deaths have occurred, leading to a Blame Game and promises of all sorts of inquiries, which will cost time and money and will achieve little or nothing except more delays.

    The root cause of this is basically an unwillingness for successive governments to make a decision, fearful of the catholic ethos on one side and the European courts on the other.

    As usual, it is the innocent who have to die for all this incompetence.

  15. The abortion question is quite simple. To my simple mind. Until that cord is cut it's life depends entirely on the mother. It is still part of the mother's body. She can flush it down the toilet for all I care. Her choice alone.

  16. As a fallen Catholic because of a divorce in 1970 I have always had a pang in my heart because I could not "be" a Catholic.  The sadness in my heart is even greater because of such narrow mind-ness, arrogance, prejudice, etc.  What would Jesus do,  I think I know the answer.  God forgive them for they know not what they do……

    • I have never stated or discussed my beliefs here before.  I was born and reared a Catholic but dropped out back in the sixties – i just couldn't reconcile the teachings of Christ with the practices of the Church.  I would describe myself now as having a strong [personal] faith but no religion.

      One thing I abhor is when any religion tries to impose its beliefs on others.  I don't care if you are Muslim, Jew, Catholic or Hindu – your belief is your business and nothing to do with me.  If your religion says "no abortion" then fine, don't have one, but don't lecture anyone else!

      As for what Jesus would do?   Throw up his hands in despair, I would imagine.

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