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  1. Now, if you could teach her to run down to the village, pinch a pint or two of ale, and return without spilling a drop-that would be a "good dog!"

    • That indeed would be very nice.  She would even get back long before the pint had fully settled.  What happens though if she sees a fly on her journey back?

  2. She is so thick she redefines the concept of two short planks.

    Ah, but you still love her though, eh?

  3. Sorry GD, completely O/T here, but I haven't been able to get to your home page since you changed things the other day. I got here via twatter, but even if I click "home" on your header, I get taken to a page that tells me:


    Domain Default page

    If you see this page it means that Apache Domain Service for this domain is locked, or there's no such Apache Domain Service registered in Parallels Operations Automation.

    For more information please contact your service provider. 


    WTF? Am I being stupid and missing something here?


  4. It's the poor mutt, ( a Jack Russell I think you said) that I wonder about GD. You wrote about him on the post about Sandy.. the poor aul scapegoat of the family who was like the worst dog ever. How's that little fella doing?       Penny looks like she's the life of riley there. Same as yourself I suppose. 🙂


    • Poor old Zoe?  She passed on many years ago, only a few months after Sandy arrived on the scene. She wasn't the worst – just an ankle-biter!

  5. GD.  Is that a mug shot of the dog your posting?  Is there a reward for its capture?  Well done for the warning, we'll watch our wallets in future.  

  6. Well Gandad, she seems to have you quite firmly wrapped around her little paw so I’d say she is, as most dogs I have ever known,quite smart indeed.
    Love the picture.

    • I am sorry to say that indeed I am somewhat finger-wrapped.  She's damned smart when it comes to getting her way all right!

  7. Are you sure you were not looking in the mirror while writing that??……..Anyway .I am glad that you got a good replacement for poor Sandy……………a long life to both of you (and Herself,of course)..

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