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    You forgot to mention our humble Public Servant Phil Hogan who appears to think that Joe Stalin defined democracy. When that big ugly gombeen face fills the screen in my front room, with a look about him that suggests he'd love to climb out onto my carpet and teach me a lesson, my blood boils. As his threats come hard and fast for those who won't do his bidding, me included, it is I who would love to climb into the screen and beat the fucker black and blue. And don't get me started on that fat fuck Reilly ………..

    • I have reached the stage where the sight of any politician drives me into a rage.  I once cheered when Gilmore got the top job, but that was now long ago when I was young and innocent.  I saw his smug smirk on the news tonight and really wanted to fling a brick.  I have to admit though that Reilly tops the league for top piss boiling temperatures.

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