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  1. I go with arselick.

    I was watching the news over the last few days about China 'electing' their new leader and someone said not very democratic as he is elected in secret by a handful of people. This would never happen in the West would it I mean the EU Forth Reich goes to other countries to obverse their elections. On checking I discovered there's even a commission called 'Election Observation Mission'  But the EU don't have elections for all their top gobshites do they. How many citizens voted for Van Rompuy zero I think.

    • I honestly don't know which is worse – an unelected leader or an elected one who then forgets avery election promise he made and abides solely by the decisions of the Brussels dictatorship.

      As for Rumpy Pumpy – a career politician being paid €400,000 and elected solely by his cronies in the EU.

  2. Drag Queen…….but then I realized that this Edna is not the Edna.

    Anyway, anyone born in County Mayo with a name like Edna should be tougher than nails.  See, I did my research.

    I am somehow reminded of Johnny Cash's song, A Boy Named Sue.

    • The strange thing about Edna is that he has a reputation for being tough here, but becomes a sniveling little lapdog over in Brussels.  In other words, a two faced cunt.

  3. EU lickspittle?


    We have a few over here as well. 


    The only time I would vote for any of them would be to have the buggers put down, in a caring way of course.

  4. Has to be LIAR

    “Be in no doubt it is because of them, and their outstanding qualities, that I bring good news to Berlin tonight. Ireland is on the road to recovery.”

    • That fucker really does live in two separate worlds!  If he honestly does believe all his own rhetoric then he is clinically deluded and should be in a straightjacket.

  5. Yeah; by some fucking Kraut mag. You know the Germans. Fought two world wars and came second twice. Fucking cunts.

  6. So… Is there any cash with this prize? Presumably we all get a share? Being Irish and all in it together, huh?

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