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  1. I go with arselick.

    I was watching the news over the last few days about China 'electing' their new leader and someone said not very democratic as he is elected in secret by a handful of people. This would never happen in the West would it I mean the EU Forth Reich goes to other countries to obverse their elections. On checking I discovered there's even a commission called 'Election Observation Mission'  But the EU don't have elections for all their top gobshites do they. How many citizens voted for Van Rompuy zero I think.

    • I honestly don't know which is worse – an unelected leader or an elected one who then forgets avery election promise he made and abides solely by the decisions of the Brussels dictatorship.

      As for Rumpy Pumpy – a career politician being paid €400,000 and elected solely by his cronies in the EU.

  2. Drag Queen…….but then I realized that this Edna is not the Edna.

    Anyway, anyone born in County Mayo with a name like Edna should be tougher than nails.  See, I did my research.

    I am somehow reminded of Johnny Cash's song, A Boy Named Sue.

  3. EU lickspittle?


    We have a few over here as well. 


    The only time I would vote for any of them would be to have the buggers put down, in a caring way of course.

  4. Has to be LIAR

    “Be in no doubt it is because of them, and their outstanding qualities, that I bring good news to Berlin tonight. Ireland is on the road to recovery.”

    • That fucker really does live in two separate worlds!  If he honestly does believe all his own rhetoric then he is clinically deluded and should be in a straightjacket.

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