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  1. Hear, hear. Well said. Some life out there might not even have a solid body. Mind without matter, etc.

    • Maybe there is some kind of intelligence without thought?  When imagining alien lifeforms, all preconceived notions have to go out the window. 

      • Intelligence without thought? Yup! That's me alright. And there's probably a question about "thought" as well.

  2. I tell you what, if Diana Rigg is an alien life form she can whisk me away anytime she wants. Let's start those experiments shall we?

    • Congratulations!  I was wondering who would be the first to comment on Diana Rigg!

      Fancy an anal probe, do you?

      • Well, if she likes that kind of thing, why not? As long as I'm the one working the probe of course. (Lay down, honey. I want to talk to you.)

  3. Not only great technological gifts and the answers to all our questions about the universe, but cash as well! Trillions in its pockets….trillions….(sniff)…

    • Welcome Hugh!  It may well have trillions, but trillions of what?  HD 40307 dollars?  I'd love to see a cashier's face when presented with them!

      All this is assuming that a fungus has pockets.  Has anyone ever looked?

    • So space and time don't really exist?  We only think they do?  Only one step short of metaphysical nihilism?

      • Watched a couple of videos on the u tube starring Richard Feynman. Very easy to listen too and what he has to say about the universe is very interesting indeed. Makes by brain ache but in an interesting way.

  4. The more you get into particle physics/quantum mechanics the more you get to understand what a strange universe we live in. Now biology rather than physics is showing itself to be the driving scientific discipline.


  5. We went to a little place called Alpbach three years running. One evening I was standing in the churchyard at Erwin Schroedinger's (he of the cat) grave when an English bloke asked me if I could translate the German inscription. 'Haven't a clue', I said, 'I'm just intrigued by the physics'.

    The man was a physicist who had become a policeman (the pay was better) and talked about the anthropic principle – which was something to do with the right conditions for life producing ourselves. (I think the principle possibly operated more effectively with the case of Diana Rigg than with Joanna Lumley who had that silly haircut).

  6. Jayzus but this is getting heavy!

    My contention is that physics, and the laws of physics [as we understand them] are constant throughout the universe.  An apple will always fall, and ice will always melt if heated.  However there is nothing to state that biology is a constant and may be an utterly different science under different conditions.  There is nothing in the laws of physics that states that there cannot be intelligent life on a methane covered planet that has fifty times our gravity.  Just because we couldn't exist under those conditions, doesn't mean that an alternative biology can't.

    How do we know that there isn't some lifeform on say Venus?  They could look at Earth and conclude that nothing could possibly live of a planet that far away from the sun and surrounded by highly poisonous oxygen?

    • Just been trading up on 'em.  Tough little fuckers, aren't they?  And they shall inherit the Earth………

      • You do get the impression they really don't give a fuck… about anything so who knows they may well be the future 'owners' of the earth. They really do live in places we can't so if I were a betting my pennies would be on Tardigrades to outlast humanity.

        • I always thought the cockroach was the born survivor, but those little fuckers could outlive anything!  They don't even need a planet…..

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