Nothing comes out write — 27 Comments

    • My problem is that I like to be spontaneous.  I never plan what I am going to type – I just let it flow.  If the flow is blocked then I can't continue.

      It's a sort of mental constipation……

  1. If ever I find my angry gland is a bit sluggish, I turn on the BBC 'news'.  Works very well indeed but can be a bit expensive in replacement TVs.

  2. I don't know how you come up with all the talking you do here every day anyway so good for you and your nap. I often enjoy the talking back as much as I like your talking. Sorry I keep saying talking. 

  3. It's all right, Marianne – I don't know either.  I suppose when we live in a world with so much crap around it's hard not to take a swipe at it?

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