A black and white decision — 30 Comments

    • Welcome Tarfu!  Why the hell couldn't he stick with Billy or even Will?  Mitt is such a strange preference.

  1. Wanker can be spelt many ways… Enda, Barrack, Mitt, Bertie, Herman, Angela, David, Manuel, Brian… you get my drift.

  2. I do believe if Willard had one won (don't ask me but that's what Mitt was nicknamed towards the end) you'd have had plenty of fodder for posts concerning US politics. That being said, I'm relieved that he didn't win. I don't always agree with Obama but by and large I'd rather have him at the helm than ol' Mitt. Having Mitt in command would make me very nervous indeed.

  3. An acquaintance seemed regularly to spot an Irishman among gatherings of politicians, identifying him by his name, Feichin Pratt

  4. 'Mitt' is a four letter clue to his real name which is inscribed by the Angel of Mormon on a big mountain in Utah.

    His wife is the cryptic clue. Gives great head, though. The wife, I mean. Not Cu- er, 'Mitt'. Jayzus I nearly caused an international Incident. I'll rely on your software to keep me safe, aul fella. Hurray for the black lad!


    • Now you have completely lost me.

      Talking of Missus Mitt – I believe she is delighted at not winning the election.  It means she doesn't have to downsize her home.

  5. Indifferent to the American election result, no wonder you can find nothing to write about. 'Tired of the American election, tired of life'. If Obama hadn't been reelected, the world would have been a much scarier place.

    I know you're old, but get a grip. There is still an interesting world out there. Perhaps you ought to do a bit of real rambling instead of just the head stuff, but I enjoy your post.


    • Welcome Mary!  You must admit that US of A has become a lot less newsworthy since old Dubya flew off in his helicopter?  I would write more about my physical ramblings but I wouldn't want to bore you all.  Anyway I would be losing faith with the title of the site?  😉

  6. Are you sure I'm welcome? I mean you don't seem too keen to invite us exiles back to your 'Gathering'. (Not that most of us would want to go, there's a reason why we left!)

    For me the best outcome of Dubya's absence from our TV screens is my son no longer cites depression from catching sight of him on TV as an excuse for not getting out of bed! (mind you he still manages to spend a hell of a lot of time there-perhaps his head is rambling because his body sure ain't, and it's nothing to do with boring me with details.}

    Long live Obama, and long live your ramblings, they make me laugh and are a good way of keeping up with 'The Old Sod'!

    • Of course you're welcome.  everyone is welcome here [except politicians, anti-smokers, people who are cruel to dogs and a few others].

      That "Gathering" thing is an embarrassment.  They are blatantly trying to get people over here to fleece them of their cash.  I believe they printed thousands of "Genuine Irish" certificates with the idea of flogging them to anyone who could prove their Irish heritage [at about $200 a pop].  They managed to sell a couple of hundred!

      Don't worry about the son.  Time will come when he has to deal with teenage kids of his own.  😈

  7. Thanks for the welcome, and wise words concerning my son. When he's vertical he's actually a great guy.

    The 'Gathering' business sounds incorrigible. Who the hell thought it up?

    However, If 'Irish Certificates' are going for a couple of hundred $, how much do you reckon I could flog my passport for?!


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