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  1. Welcome back GD.   Is it ok to comment now and if not what happens?   A good spanking?  Oh noooo.

    All these computers and they can't think, just do what they're told/programmed to do.
    Far too much trust placed in them.. even the spellcheck and grammar you have here has people second guessing themselves.

    Anyways, not your fault the machine is dumb GD.. 

  2. Just testing the smileys.. 🙂
     I never left a smiley..  It's not the same without one.

    Smile and the world smiles with you..

    • Thanks!  😀 [ <- I can do smileys too]

      At least the bloody thing is working now….

      For the moment.

    • The general hope is that there is no change whatsoever.

      I'm not sure how I managed it but the database thing is only half the size of the old one.

      There was a lot of rubbish in there!

  3. "Warp factor nine Mr Scott"

    "I'll see what I can do GD!"

    Good to have you back.

    P.S. To help an old luddite out, where the heck are you lot getting those smiley things from??

  4. Too many ads GD. That,s what fucked it all up. The database just could take it Captain, The Dilithium crystals were in meltdown.


    • Judging by the pittance I'm earning from them, there obviously aren't enough of the damned things.  Maybe I should put up more?

  5. So, son – how goes it? Sorry I haven't been 'round much – been keeping my head down until this whole election thing we got going blows over. Though it should be safe to get out and about in a day or two…unless the courts step in, in which case I may just finally immigrate.

    Speaking of which, one of my short-list spots was Ireland. But I keep hearing things like ‘the Irish are to blame for the whole EU fiasco, what with them being greedy and all.’

    Know anything about that, do you?

    • "the Irish are to blame for the whole EU fiasco"  yes.  You are very nearly right, but transpose two words – the EU is to blame for the whole Irish fiasco.  And also for the Greek, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese fiascos.  You really need to keep up to date by visiting this place more often! 

    • Depends on when you last visited?  There was a redesign a couple of years ago, a minor tweak or two a few weeks back or a total technical rebuild today, but the design remains the same.  Take your pick!

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