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  1. Yep, it's the same here Grandad and they're still doing exactly the same things.

    I just heard on the telly yesterday, one man who had actually tried to clean up the mess before the bailout, said they were "too big to fail" then and now they are too big to jail. The gubmint actually stopped him from bringing charges against these wankers.

    The saddest part is these banks, here and in Europe, are all owned by the same people. What recourse do we lowly peons have?



    • They actually jailed one of our lot today.  He had stashed away millions [billions?] to avoid paying his debts.  He got nine weeks in jail!  I'd probably get more than that for non payment of a television licence.

  2. O'Sullivan speaking on behalf of Credit Suisse – the same bank that employed traders who had 'cooked the books' to hide $540m losses and protect their end of year bonuses, the same bank that is being sued by Richard Desmond for mis-selling derivatives, and the same bank that actively facilitates offshore tax evasion.

    People in glass houses!


  3. The bankers and their Irish buddies pulled the state down.

     Idiots like you and me who were responsible during this time, now have to pay.

    • It really would make you sick!  Those bastards should be on a fucking noncontributory state pension.  Let them "feel the pain" as they so eloquently want to put it.  Better still – shoot the lot of them.  They are only a worthless waste of oxygen.

  4. Cheering you to the rafters here GD, you speak (rant) for millions.

    They seem to be doing things a bit better in Iceland. Some of the bankers have been jailed and a few political sphincters are still puckering like poppies in an autumn breeze as the net closes in … wish it could happen here.

  5. Did he have a straight face when he said it, or maybe he had a smirk while he checked lists of numbered accounts of upstanding business men and leaders from around the world.

    • I honestly don't know how he got away with statements like that.  In Spain or Greece he'd be a dead man walking.

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